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Thu 27th Dec 2012

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DePapier commented on Out Today: The Wonderful 101:

@Peach64 You just can't be convinced, honestly. And I believe their strategy for release globally is beyond our understanding.

Well, he is my Wonderful copy. Goodbye guys. I'll be focusing a lot more on actual games from now on and I believe I'll come back haunt you again around Christmas season.



DePapier commented on Talking Point: Gamescom Announcements Raise th...:

@Slapshot You might want to specify Western third-party support there. The Japanese have more than enough games in and incoming both for themselves and for the Western markets on the 3DS: that would explain why it is selling worldwide, and selling significantly there too.



DePapier commented on Talking Point: Gamescom Announcements Raise th...:

If I may troll, all I know is, the PS4 isn't launching in Japan in Tier 1 (and neither does the Xbox One): don't know what the Japanese think of it, though, but I know it means for a splendid Wii U holiday season.



DePapier commented on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Hero Mo...:

Real. First-playthrough Normal mode, second playthrough Hero mode for 100%.

...And even if I've buying the game at launch, I'm still praying for orchestral songs for my second playthrough... PLEEEAAAASSSEE.........



DePapier commented on n-Space Not Currently Working On New Projects ...:

In effect, it's the publishers that aren't giving them work. They're in a rock and a hard place: can't bash the publishers 'cause they're giving the job, they have to make it seem as if it's Nintendo's fault they're not working on their platforms, and here we are now hating. (I know I am.)

It is sad for them indeed.



DePapier commented on Game Designers Reveal How Super Mario Bros. 3 ...:

"It's definitely worth mentioning at this point that Levy did state that it was all a bit of a laugh and wasn't to be taken seriously."

Good Lord, thanks for mentioning it, I was about to LMAO in the comments section...



DePapier commented on Character Outlines Will Be Customisable in 3DS...:

No, I don't think that's what he meant on Miiverse, I think he meant that depending on your position on the stage, the outlines will appear or vanish more or less strongly in relation to the characters surroundings so that they become more distinguishable on the screen.



DePapier commented on Crytek Announces New CRYENGINE and Doesn't Exc...:

@Sony_70 Monster Hunter Online, the one that was revealed in China a few months ago, runs on CryEngine 3 (now to be named just CryEngine). That's more than enough to complain: I would expect that good-looking Monster Hunter to most definitely come to my Wii U.



DePapier commented on Developer Interview: Shin'en Multimedia Talks ...:

@the_beaver I think they want to make their own stuff, it's just that Nintendo hardware and culture are their preference. They want to do what pleases them most first, rather than having to be stressed by potential corporate deadlines and requirements and stuff. Not having to report to anyone is a freedom I would understand they don't want to trade.



DePapier commented on The Wonderful 101 Reportedly Shipping Just 30,...:

So Siliconera isn't directly quoting any source, and their Japanese source doesn't seem to work, at least on my GamePad. It's not even worth wasting my time trying to explain it. I'll wait to see the numbers of the first week of sales.



DePapier commented on Review: The Wonderful 101 (Wii U):

@murphy77 We've had this discussion before on the forums. I think reactions of the people here can tell you were their money will go near launch. At least I know where mine is going... in a few days!!