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Thu 16th Feb 2012

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Denvid commented on Review: BurgerTime World Tour (WiiWare):

I have no idea why people say the original arcade stand-up was not really a "hit", it seemed to be everywhere in the upstate areas of Rochester and Buffalo. And must have been popular enough for Nintendo to have had it available on the NES console <a friend had the cartridge, I didn't-@^%#&(% !!!!!>. I need to hunt down a copy...
Anyway, played this New thing called Burgertime: World Tour....ummm....can I please have a REFUND ? It's very misleading. Burgertime should NOT even be mentioned in the title because Burgertime it is NOT !!! Monkey Paw development should be embarrassed and Nintemdo should be punished for allowing this @%(# to grace the WII. What a letdown. I wish Data East would step in and help at the moment and right this wrong. All that would have been needed was real CLASSIC Burgertime with maybe better graphics, new board structures, and some bonus footage. What we paid for is a #&%!)%-up version of Mario Galaxy !! In the words of a brilliant Weasley: BLOODY HELL !