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Mon 28th May 2012

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Deneteus commented on Nintendo Is Sorry For Wii U Load Times, Is Wor...:

My WIIU has locked up on 2 occasions so far playing ZombiU and when my battery in the gamepad went dead. I charged the battery back up and I couldn't exit the menu where it says you have to have a gamepad. The power button didn't work either. I had to power cycle by removing the power.

Also I work in QA and the load times for the menus would be unacceptable in any recent user interface. 20 seconds can be an eternity in some cases. People are paying for a fast and stable gaming experience so I am sure the comments finally had some impact after that video. Also I am sure Nintendo is mining data from console uptime as well.



Deneteus commented on Hands On: Hyperkin SupaBoy Portable SNES:

I would just like to say that if you take both of the screen protectors off it looks much better. There are 2 of them on there ya know. One of them is super thin but not really clear.