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Thu 10th Jan 2013

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DefiesGravity commented on The Big Wii U Survey:

I'll probably get this system eventually. I absolutely love Nintendo's mario games. They're solid, a blast to play and for some reason I'm sucked in by that stupid mario theme song. You'd think it's just for kids, but nos..... I... must... play... more... mario!!!



DefiesGravity commented on Tenchu: Shadow Assassins:

This game was incredibly difficult to control. I was accidentally rolling all over the place and couldn't play very fluidly. Fighting was a chore and difficult to complete levels. The kills were cool but wasn't worth it in the end. Gamestop can have my copy....



DefiesGravity commented on Assassin's Creed III:

I wonder if they'll add anything to this version. I played through the entire campaign for the PS3 and it was an awesome game. Just can't get enough of this series!!!