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Mon 6th August, 2012

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DefHalan commented on Industry Veteran Peter Molyneux Warns The Indi...:

There will always be new developers trying to make it big the industry just like there are always bands trying to get bigger gigs. Same as the music industry there are people who follow smaller bands and people that follow bigger bands. This isn't going to change. The only thing that is going to change are the size of developers followers and the amount of press they get.



DefHalan commented on Two Tribes Shoots Down the Possibility of Toki...:

Oh I totally get that, I just don't understand why Toki Tori 2 was a part of a Humble Bundle if it hadn't made money. I always imagined games in Humble Bundles were mostly games that the dev felt sold enough and could now do some good by using it as an incentive for people to donate to charity



DefHalan commented on Ronimo Games: PS4 And Xbox One Are More Of The...:

Companies work with Nintendo and Wii U = praise System and Company.

Companies don't do anything for Nintendo or Wii U = useless piece of hardware... I think more companies should make games for Nintendo and Wii U lol



DefHalan commented on Nintendo of America Offers Stock of Refurbishe...:

Really people are still complaining about the price? That is the price of the Wii when it launched, yea it might be refurbished but it still comes with a warranty. If this is too expensive then you will probably not buy a Wii U until this generation is over



DefHalan commented on Paradise Lost: First Contact Leaves Wii U Stre...:

but it does seem as though Nintendo's unique console is more of a novelty for developers rather than a priority.

This says it. I feel like they threw Wii U on there just to get an extra push by those people who actually want it on Wii U but they don't expect it to actually get to that stretch goal.



DefHalan commented on Nintendo Will Be "Careful" About The Artistic ...:

At first I was nervous about the art style of Wind Waker but when I finally broke down and tried it, Wind Waker became my favorite 3D Zelda. Toon Link was the most expressive Link yet and I hope it isn't the end of him.