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United Kingdom

Tue 17th Jun 2008

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Deep4t commented on Gradius Rebirth Gets ESRB Rated:

My brother will love this.

(also.. on side note, i noticed the 'forum coming soon' thing has gone.. so, theres not going to be a forum anymore?)



Deep4t commented on Eternity's Child Now Available for Steam:

I was reading those comments last night on that site.
It was quite shocking really. The thing is they complained about the jump not working. which is a valid point.
Only a patch fixed that. Thing is, i aint even played it and I know it's worth more than 1/10 based on the Music and graphics alone.



Deep4t commented on Ghostfire Games Developer Video - Helix:

I liked the idea when I first saw it, and im glad that it looks like the difficulty level seems to get get tough which is always a good thing. And i sure to like music games.



Deep4t commented on New Wii Channel for Japan - Print Your Photos!:

whats so bad about... just printing them normally.
>.> like get some of the photo paper.. put it in a printer and huzzah.

Also, this really didn't need to be it's own channel, coulda just been a update for the photo channel.



Deep4t commented on WiiWare Preview - Eternity's Child:

I will probably buy this for 2 reasons:

It looks better than almost every Wiiware game out at the moment.
And its 500 points, thats like one of the cheapest Price for a wiiware game, its like buying a NES game. So, even if the price goes up before release its still not bad.



Deep4t commented on Review: SPOGS Racing:

When I first say the screens (about a day before release )
I thought it looked quite good, but I didn't really look into it. To be honest, I don't think anyone would realise there was a connection to POGS just by looking at it (or playing it)... i mean. Why POGS? I dont get it.



Deep4t commented on Mega Man 9 Will Cost 1000 Wii Points:

If the game lives up to the Megaman name, 1000 points isnt a problem at all.
It's like I'd rather pay a high amount of points on a quality product, than keep buying crappy games and the points building up over time.