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Mon 23rd May 2011

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Deathspawn commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

@BJQ1972 Swift? It took them almost 2 years to realize that "hey, someone could draw or send something offensive with this."

So long have I wished there was an option saying "I am over 18. Kindly leave my services alone."

They have parental controls. Parents are too stupid to use them. It's not catering to the kids anymore, it's catering to the clueless parents. I don't care how offensive I am to these people; if you cannot read English enough to go to Settings, tap PARENTAL controls, and then disable things for your kids, then you need to have your ears and eyes opened to the truth that maybe you aren't up to the task of being a parent, and probably shouldn't be buying these systems in the first place.

Even if you don't have a manual, there is a BUTTON that brings up the manual for settings right on the system.

No. Excuse. At. All.

ESRB has been around for ages, and parents are even too clueless to read that.



Deathspawn commented on Soothsayers, Begone - 3DS Software Sales Rise ...:

I can believe this. The Android games are cheap and free, but they lack depth. The first few levels are pretty much what the game is going to be. They make a nice pick up and play, but if you want something that will last you a while (a long while), 3DS is the better route.

You can't find Denpa Men on Android either.

@GreenDream There is always Wi-Fi and tablets. You don't have to opt into any cell phon plan, just get a phone/tablet that has Wi-Fi and you are good to go. Some even have both. Buy them from a store, not your cell phone company.



Deathspawn commented on Review: Rising Board 3D (3DS eShop):

I actually liked Pop Island because they put in the ability to send the game to a friend, which was cool. The $2.99 price on this makes some of the downfalls reasonable, but it doesn't make them okay. I do think some games need to be a bit harder. Even the Mario games have become easier to play/beat.

Might pick this one up, but the static background image doesn't look that appealing in the video. Hopefully they update it with some more customization.



Deathspawn commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Digital Pricing:

@Chris720 It's not "just an icon". It's the entire game.

As long as they don't offer special features like DLC only for eShop purchases or something weird like that, I'm personally all for the digital download. I like having the games in easily accessible folders compared to swapping out cartridges. It also makes it easier to see that you have spot passes waiting for that game.

I wish there was some way that every game could be copied onto the system, or at least have some icon for them for spot pass/street pass notifications and a sort of show off in case you left your collection at home. If only you could copy your games to your SD card in some way so that when you sell the game, the copy goes away. Possibly maybe limit uses like the demos work so that you have to re-insert the cartridge to get more uses, or buy the eShop version and sync up.

That's another thing, say you buy both, will they be able to sync up?