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Tue 17th September, 2013

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Deathbyillusi0n commented on Nintendo Blocks 3DS Flashcard With Latest Firm...:

I have to agree with @thetruth111 also its not theft it's copyright infringement you can't call it theft when you didn't steal a physical item. Also they talk about that it's a loss in sales which is a load of crap because if a pirate usually doesn't want to spend the money on the game. If there was no way to play it free then lots of times not all but lots times they won't buy it regardless. In those situationsiit's not a lose in sale cause they weren't going to buy the game anyways. Also ONLY buy consoles that can be hacked so that I can do homebrew games. There is a lot of other people out there that do the same thing. Once we by the device we should have the right to download what we want with them. Instead of Nintendo wasting there time with blocking the cards with updates because we all no they are going to lose. Also the game companies need to stop complaining about the pirates. If they are so worried about it why not make decebt anti piracy measures in the games itself so that they can't played. If they want something done they don't something about it and not complain. Like for PC games. It's not up to Microsoft or apples job to make the game unplayableor have security pprotections on the gameto make it unplayable. IIt's the game company itself. Like stuff for PC they make a serial key that has to be activated online and can only be used once. Maybe they need to download something like that. Also it's a load of crap about that's why game prices are so high. Like take the PS3 for instant for years there was no way to play backups of PS3 games. Yet the prices were still 60 bucks. Even now with the jailbreak geohotz did you had to be on a certain firmware to download it and you can't even play online now because Sony can detect it and block your consol. But anyways why were the prices so high for games on the PS3? It's because the game developers are greedy. Many people can't afford the prices for games. If they made them more affordable then more people could buy them
They should be offering cheaper games and have more download able in game content you can purchase so that they can make more money.