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Mon 15th Jul 2013

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Daykota31 commented on Not All Super Smash Bros. Characters Will Make...:

I was just about to write pretty much exactly the same thing, but instead decided to read through everyone else's and found yours. I pretty much agree with you completely X)
So many people are saying to drop people like Marth, Jigglypuff, Ice Climbers, Game&Watch, when really it just doesn't make any sense to cut them. Asking or expecting them to cut the characters who have been in at least 2 (if not all) of the games is really just... I truly am trying to find a word other than stupid ^ ^;
Let's see... Olimar was already confirmed in the new roster, so he's in.
Ike, my little sister is an Ike user so I really don't wanna say this, but it really is likely that he is to be cut and replaced, probably by Chrom.
I used to think that Toon link was probably going to be cut, but your point makes sense, with Wind Waker HD coming out
I personally think Wolf will be cut, and maybe replaced with Krystal, but if they don't cut him, I think it would make sense to at least change his Final smash -_- All three Star Fox Characters having the exact same Final Smash was just... stupid? I swear where did all my Vocabulary go XD
R.O.B- I really have nothing to say about R.O.B, I personally pretty much never played him :/
As for Villager and Wii Fit Trainer, I think they're really unique, I especially liked Wii Fit Trainer, her moveset looks far-out, and she just , makes me laugh in general X) Villager looks like an evil little kid XD
Some characters that I'd really love to see back are Marth, Zero-Suit Samus, Toon Link, and Pichu from Melee (I know Pichu's unlikely but I can dream right X) ]
A character that I would really like to see join is Bayonetta. (If Snake made it into Brawl, why not her? X)
After rereading this comment I realize that it really has no point X) But I'll post it anyway, and maybe later I'll rewrite it XD
But if anyone happens to be reading this, go find EarthBoundBengy 's comment, it's probably the , ost logical and thorough comment on here XD