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Fri 30th Mar 2012

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DavidD commented on Club Nintendo Coin Spreadsheet Updated and Exp...:

Keep in mind that the "value" of each coin is a very, VERY rough estimate based on the average cost per coin. You can see that the coin "value" radically changes depending upon the type of software you buy.



DavidD commented on The Mystery of the Super Mario Bros. U.S. Rele...:

Thomas, thanks for the link to my article on TMK — but I think there's a small typo in the URL you're giving. Could you fix that?

Frank Cifaldi got several new sources, but sadly he ran into the same dead end I did... it's quite possible to get a vague idea of when the game was released, but no one has been able to provide the "smoking gun" to prove exactly when it was first available.