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Thu 28th Aug 2008

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davegorack commented on Review: Metroid: Other M (Wii):

This is and ok game but i gave up half way trough.
Not beacuse I hated it but because i found it relly boring.
The gameplay was boring, the story was boring and the music was rely rely boring.
Still i only payed £10 brand new for it so i wasint expecting much.
EDIT: i take it back, i got this game again(i saw it going for a fiver) and gave it anouther chance.
i completed it and enjoyed it. The story still anoyes me though.



davegorack commented on Review: The Last Story (Wii):

I bought this game for like £30 and it was worth every penny.
Edit: I take it back....
It was ok at frist but the combat system got on mt nerves, why the smeg is there a live system in a RPG???
The story was good ill admit but the big twist i saw a mkile away.
id recomend xenoblade chronicles over this



davegorack commented on Review: World of Goo (WiiWare):

10? You gotta be kiding me.
i just played the demo and i was not
impresead. Suer its fun for about a minte but
its so boring. it is not worth 1500.(though to be fair thers no
wiiwaer game thats worth that)



davegorack commented on Review: Pokémon Rumble (WiiWare):

ive just played the Demo and i doubt ill buy it.
Its fun but its not worth 1500. i mean for that i could
buy Majoras Mask and Super Mario bros.....which i should
ill keep the demo. its fun.
Edit: i ended up buying this game after all....Its just so adictive.



davegorack commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64):

A non buged verson?
And all for £10?
I am so buying this. I dont need to buy OOT since buy
brother has the colletion (I also have the Windwaker Spical edtion whiht a copy of OOT and Master Quest) but i love this game so much.
You can also replay alot of the best bits( i replayd the frist dungen twice)
I think this is the best Zelda game. OOT is 3rd.



davegorack commented on Review: Rabbids Go Home (Wii):

Dont buy it.
This game is funny and its mad as heck but thats all its got.
the Platformeing gets old fast,the Bad guys are jokes( You hit theam once and they runn around like wimps) and the Rabbis get relly anoying.
I did like the Grapics and the music and i admit it was fun for a few hours but it got boring fast. Still good revew.



davegorack commented on Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex (...:

Im sorry guys but i dont think this is a 9.
I bought this game and i had fun but it was to short.
i got through it in 3 hours on vetrin. I admit its a fun game but the graphics comparid to thje 360 verson are bad. Im uselly one of thouse ppl who say graphics dont matter but for a game like this and for COD:MW2 they do. i took it back the next day and got me some Ducktaies and Chip and Dales Rescue Rangers DVDs, and im haveing way moer fun. still good revew.



davegorack commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

That is Bullcrap.
The only Wii game ive played whith any lag was Sam and max ( and admitly My Sims but they fixed it for my sims kingdom)which is:
a Tell Tell game.
Maybe thses smeg heads just dont know how to make games rhight.
You dont like the WII? thean Smeg off and make games for the 360.
noone whould miss your games.



davegorack commented on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a...:

Im geting this on moday.
only £7?( i use my cridiet card so i save £3)
I dont mind the downlodebl conten as ive gotten used to this from Square Enix so i dont mind. cant wait for it as i am a big Crystal cronacals fan
(BUY IT KNOW!!!!!) so i cant wait for it.