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Wed 13th Feb 2008

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Dathcha commented on Nintendo To Launch Wii Video Service Next Year:

Not likely the videos will be in HD quality though is it?
Considering the Wii gives 480p at best I would expect the videos to not be TOO huge, but it would still fill up the measely 512Mb fast yeah



Dathcha commented on USA WiiWare Update: Potpourrii and Strong Bad ...:

I am guessing the WiiWare game of next week will be the secretly in development Pong Toss 2: Revenge Of The Tossers!!!
Which will of course will swiftly be followed by Pong Toss 3: Chucking Extreme

Sounds like great times ahead



Dathcha commented on WiiWare Publishers Lament Release Date Shambles:

@Starwork_UK: I know this site is not the place to go into a discussion about things that have little or nothing to do with the WiiWare service, but I would like to correct a misunderstanding. What MicroSoft will be doing is DE-LISTING the titles on XBLA that meet the criteria, after which you can STILL re-download them from your download history.
This in essence will be the same as what happened with 1 title previously for Europe (Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels)

There should be a better solution for the perceived problem of an overcrowded service, but this is the one they are going with and I would rather have correct facts rather than wrong fears portrayed around the place
(This info comes from MicroSoft themselves, Major Nelson's podcast interview with Aaron Greenberg)

Anyway, I digress a little...
This article makes valid points, and definitely voices various concerns and grievances people have. Of which my personal pet peeve is Nintendo's secrecy... Which I believe could solve most of these problems... If they even merely announced they are WORKING on a storage-device for the Wii, then people (tho impatient) will likely be grateful already... I still hold a smidgen of hope for a welcome announcement at E3 from Nintendo regarding these things...

What I MOSTLY want to know is where Nintendo gets their (mis?)-information... I recently read an article where they quoted Nintendo saying that only a SMALL part of people find the Wii's internal storage too small... WHO are their test-subjects? Japanese Nintendo executives?!

As I said, I hold a smidgen of hope stlil... But not for much longer...



Dathcha commented on WiiWare needs a storage solution NOW!:

My biggest hope is still that they will release a proprietary external HDD that plugs into the USB-port that looks identical to the Wii and can stand next to it but where the blue light-strip is used to indicate how full the HDD is (like a progress bar but vertically filling from bottom to top)
I would like that visually... and with an external HDD of that size it could easily be dozens of GB big
Or of course make it a casing and let us stuff in our own laptop HDD or similar...

This all I do not expect however, but I can dream



Dathcha commented on Welcome to WiiWare World!:

Loving the site Great going

The reviews will really be helpful to me in deciding which WiiWare games to get. Also looking forward to the RSS-bit working soon (Get to it code-monkey Otherwise there is no banana for you for dinner!!! )



Dathcha commented on Toki Tori - New Screens:

Woohoo Cool

Cheers Dazza and Drake, that is both very good news
I'll be sure to sign up and RSS the WiiWare site when it launches. You guys must be getting very busy with all this expanding Nintendo does



Dathcha commented on Toki Tori - New Screens:

To me this might be one of the games for WiiWare I am most excited about
Let's just hope there is no needless waggle added to the controls and all wil be well

P.S. Will VC-Reviews be adding a "size" info to the WiiWare games so we will know how many blocks things are before we try to download something? (Which would also be welcome for the Virtual Console games reviewed here btw )



Dathcha commented on Nintendo Power Poll - What Games Do You Want T...:

Well, I just mailed my wishlist...
As much as I want these all, I have little hope for any of them showing up before the end of the year, and some not even after that...

1) Flashback (SNES)
2) Xenon 2 Megablast (Sega MegaDrive)
3) MegaMan X (SNES)
4) The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64)
5) Aladdin (SNES)

Oh, and instead of Aladdin on the SNES, The Lion King on the SNES would also be good of course as they are essentially the same game, but with a different skin... Still, unlikely to appear I suspect...



Dathcha commented on Master System games hit the Japanese VC:

Xenon 2 Megablast for me please and a side-order of fries... Although I am not sure if I should be wanting the SMS version or the SMD version...
I miss having 1-2 great vertical scrolling shooters like Xenon 2 Megablast or Raptor: Call Of The Shadows... PLEASEEEE



Dathcha commented on EU VC Releases - 18th February - Sega Week - P...:

Consider yourself lucky with the starpoints... I am dutch and living in Norway, and norwegian Nintendo sales do not come with any star-points...
I only get star-points if I buy my games in NL when visiting, or ordering online via play or amazon...

But on top of that, I can't link any star-points account to my Wii Shop account as the button/link to do it isn't there at all...

I wish I knew why certain countries aren't part of this 'European' system Nintendo has... (and the same for the MicroSoft Video Marketplace tbh...)



Dathcha commented on The Great Internal Memory Debate:

Bit of a late addition to comment on the topic, but I just wanted to share 2 thoughts of mine...

First of all, I PERSONALLY think it would be cool if they gave out a proprietary HDD that looks JUST like the Wii and can stand next to it in a nice dual stand and the front blue light of the Wii's drive (but on the HDD) would instead be a bar indicating how full the HDD is (sort of like the circle on the WD MyBook series if you know that one)

I would love seeing a nice vertical blue line that grows from bottom to top at how full the drive is (and be willing to pay for an aesthetically pleasing external HDD )

My second thought is that it would be helpful and nice if VC-Reviews would include the number of blocks a game is big in the reviews... So I can see up front if it'll fit in my remaining space and so forth... You know, along the side of the game review that lists the cost in points and release date per region etc...