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DarthNocturnal commented on Nintendo DS And Nintendo 64 Games Finally Comi...:

Finally, DKC 64. I wouldn't be too shocked if performance was subpar in Wii. But Wii U has a lot of extra horsepower, so we should be good.

Also yay, Paper Mario. It may not be a new one, but it'll just be $2 for me to upgrade to Wii U VC.



DarthNocturnal commented on DeNA Hopes To Bring In $25 Million Per Month V...:

I recently tried Final Fantasy Record Keeper, which was made by DeNA. I can see where Nintendo IPs could be major money makers on mobile.
Let's hope they keep it balanced, however. Another DeNA title, Transformers Legends, seems to get a lot of flak due to the high cost of getting anywhere in late game (if we're lucky, that's more of a Hasbro thing).



DarthNocturnal commented on Super Mario 64 HD Creator Bows To Legal Action...:

Kind of a shame. I very much prefered 64 and Sunshine over Galaxy 1 and 2. At the very least, Super Mario 64 on Wii U VC would be nice (own the original, but N64 control sticks are kinda... yeah). And a remake would be even better. Add more worlds, characters, etc. As long as they aren't Galaxy-styled linear (or like Rainbow Cruise).



DarthNocturnal commented on Nintendo Reveals the Final Club Nintendo Elite...:

Not a bad selection, although I own most Platinum games.
Can anyone say if Mario Golf: World Tour is newcomer friendly? I generally avoid Mario Golf games, though it's mostly because I've never taken the time to learn. I'd like to think that once I get my bearings, it'd be fun.
Mario Party Island Tour seems better for those who have local friends to play with (which I don't), Yoshi's New Island is apparently just OK, and Ultimate NES Remix is cheaper then the others, and I already have NES Remix Pack, so low priority.



DarthNocturnal commented on Feature: The 'Best' Nintendo-Themed April Fool...:

I need to check in with Blizzard. They usually have the best April Fools Day stuff.
That Smash shop... that'd be a real shocker. But I still doubt Ice Climbers will return, since either 3DS as a whole will be left out, or the original 3DS will be left out.
I'm actually kinda hoping both Direct leaks are fake (or that the NoE worker leak is legit and saying it isn't is the joke.) The first one was too awesome (Paper Mario, N64 VC), and the other, while realistic, seemed a bit off on a few things (Fire Emblem if being set in Magvel, the continent of Sacred Stones, the premise of the new Star Fox).



DarthNocturnal commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 1st April, With ...:

So I just checked out the other leak (shame the other one is fake.......... OR IS IT?!). I think "Brains and Brawn" may refer to Mewtwo. Remember that Mewtwo becomes a Psychic/ Fighting type in one of his Mega Evolutions (Mega Mewtwo X to be exact).

Still, I wanted a new Paper Mario and N64 on VC... ah well, maybe BOTH leaks are fake but they'll happen anyway.



DarthNocturnal commented on Microsoft Once Had Some Pretty Wild Ideas, Inc...:

Yeah, it's my understanding that most/ all of the talent from the N64 era have since left, and Rare is now a shadow of it's former self.
Also, I believe it was 4J Studios that ported Banjo Kazooie/ Tooie (and Perfect Dark) to XBOX 360. Granted, Rare probably had some hand in it.

Man... took all that time to unlock the Stop N Swop II stuff in Tooie, and it was all for nothing...



DarthNocturnal commented on Reminder: This is Your Last Day to Register Pr...:

Well, I have 100 coins left, and unless I can snag another 50 (which likely won't happen), the only thing I can get is Grill Off with Ultra Hand, which I already have. But I own most of the 150 coin games I wanted anyway...
Might check the Deluxe promotion site too, but I don't think I have enough points for another $5.
After that, it's just my Elite award game, Mewtwo, my MM3D puzzle and Zelda drawstring pouch, and... RIP Club Nintendo. Here's hoping your successor doesn't choke under too much server load.



DarthNocturnal commented on Capcom's Gearing Up For a Major Monster Hunter...:

Maybe they'll finally bring the Frontier series over. Although I wouldn't mind a new MH on Wii U.
If one did launch on PS4, then that would bump my reasons to buy a PS4 up to a whopping 2 (maybe 3, if KH 3 doesn't come to PC). But I'd prefer a new MH to come to a platform I already own.



DarthNocturnal commented on Latest Pokémon Shuffle Update Comes With a Ra...:

I'm stuck on Mega Glalie. It's one of the more obvious "paywalls" it seems. But I got this far without paying a dime, and that's how it'll, stay.
Also, is Rayquaza as bad as Keldeo? I swear that Keldeo barely loses any health. Granted, I'm only just now aquiring higher tier Pokemon. But I hate how the game often looks pay-to-win.



DarthNocturnal commented on IRONFALL Invasion Hits 300,000 Downloads as Fr...:

I was having a few issues with the C-Stick, but I've discovered that I was actually using it wrong; it's ideal to have your entire thumb over the stick. They hollowed out that notch for a reason. If you don't, the camera is more likely to move at an angle.
As for the game itself, seemed OK. I deleted the demo, but I might give it a 2nd shot sometime. More aiming/ camera sensitivity options are very welcome.



DarthNocturnal commented on Feature: Ten Must-Play Games for the Nintendo 3DS:

...what exactly warranted "u mad"? Ever since New Super Mario Bros, it feels like Nintendo hasn't tried to go too far beyond the traditional 2D Mario formula (a few exceptions apply, like Super Paper Mario). I don't really get excited for them like I do other games. And I want another 3D Mario like 64 or Sunshine, when levels were more open. Find your own path, etc. Galaxy and the 3D games are alright, but I miss that more non-linear approach.

That isn't to say the modern Mario games are bad, but sometimes I wish they'd try a little harder to mix things up. As it stands, they haven't moved too far beyond Super Mario Bros 3/ Super Mario World (and in some ways, they've fallen behind them).

You can argue Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate isn't much different, but the sheer amount of content in MH games means it'll last me a LOT longer then most modern Mario titles. Plus new weapons, monsters and mechanics do help keep things interesting. At most, Mario gets another Tanooki Suit-esqe power up each game...



DarthNocturnal commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ma...:

One only has to look at KOTOR 2 or Sonic 06, or the Sega Saturn, to see that rushing for a holiday release will only end badly. The short term profit often gets outclassed by the fact that your game will forever be seen as a glitchy mess. And even if you patch it, people will never forget what it used to be like.
I figure Nintendo has a few secrets that'll be revealed with either a new Direct, or at E3. So I'd save worrying until after those.



DarthNocturnal commented on Feature: Ten Must-Play Games for the Nintendo 3DS:

Pokemon X and Y over OR/AS? The latter seems to have added a decent about of features and content from what I've seen. That's not to say X/Y aren't great, but OR/AS seems greater.
I probably would've had Super Mario 3D Land at the bottom of the list, and move Smash up a slot or two (maybe move Link Between Worlds right below Fire Emblem: Awakening). Other then that, nice list.
Actually, let's remove Super Mario 3D Land, and move in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in it's place... and then move it up a few slots.



DarthNocturnal commented on Interview: Aaron Hamel on Bringing the Mother ...:

"Nintendo controls their IPs very tightly, and who could blame them, but I'd love to do something like Castlevania 3, which I think has some of the best music on the Famicom, especially if we use the original Famicom version with the extra channel of sound."
...Castlevania is Konami.

While this soundtrack is cool and all... how about we get the game it originated from? And Mother 3 while we're at it.
I don't mean that in a "who cares" way, but it's been too long. We really need the entire series in other regions.



DarthNocturnal commented on ​Japan Weekly: Bravely Second Jobs Revealed ...:

Is Bravely Default really that good? I heard it was a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light, which I felt was OK, but it suffered from a few crippling design choices (why can't I pick my target? Why is there severely limited inventory space?) So I took a pass.



DarthNocturnal commented on Poll: Vote For Your Ten Must-Play Games On Nin...:

I actually DIDN'T vote Ocarina of Time 3D. It's a solid game, but Majora's Mask is one of the most unique Zelda games, and the 3D port only made it better.
My other choices were mostly 1st party, but Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a title that deserves mention.



DarthNocturnal commented on Talking Point: That Paper Mario: The Thousand-...:

After the disappointment that was Sticker Star, I'd be OK with a re-release of what was obviously the best Paper Mario. Wii U or 3DS, doesn't matter. I don't get why everyone is so anti-portable though. Heck, they could release the port for 3DS, and the Gamecube original via VC if it matters THAT much.
That being said, this may very well be fake, so, no hopes up here.
Sure, I'll just hook up my Gamecube with a laser in dire need of recalibration, because disc read errors are fun. Or my Wii that has a busted bluetooth module (or at least I think that's the issue) that's prone to locking up. How did it break? Heck if I know. I'm always paranoid about my stuff breaking. But the former was unavoidable, and the latter happened to a replacement Wii I got from Nintendo after sending my first one in because the GPU got fried somehow (word is it was related to Standby mode).

Also, not everyone owns the original. And they deserve better then Sticker Star.



DarthNocturnal commented on Bandai Namco Celebrates the 20th Anniversary f...:

But seriously, I've been meaning to get ToS on PS3 (and maybe the others). Maybe they'll bring it (them?) to Wii U now?
I think many would prefer a remake or translation of the Super Famicom original. Last I heard, the GBA version got some flak for being slow/ clunky, having an iffy translation (Kangaroo anyone?), and I think they added voice acting... which was horrible/ not very audible.



DarthNocturnal commented on Parent Trap: Mario Party amiibo Toys Get Both ...:

There IS a data backup on the Wii U for amiibo, but it's an automatic setup in the event your amiibo's data becomes corrupted. There's no option to swap out which data is stored on an amiibo. An option for this in the future would be nice; earn content in Mario Party 10, then if you want to bring the amiibo to a friend's place for Smash, save your data, and then import your Smash amiibo data onto said amiibo.



DarthNocturnal commented on Video: Know Absolutely Nothing About Pokémon...:

"but we imagine that concerned parents - who have overheard their kids talking about "Mega-Evolving their Garchomp" and assume it's some kind of slang for drugs - will be reassured by this informative clip."

Remember to declare your Grass types at the border.



DarthNocturnal commented on Weirdness: Should Rap Star Iggy Azalea Ever Go...:

I guess the interviewer has heard of Mars One.
Sadly, not even a 3DS would help with the crushing reality of "you're never setting foot on earth again". Seriously, that program has numerous concerns, and most of them are human.

...oh, right, the rap star. Uh, heard the name, and... that's it really. I'm not into the music industry that much. Weird Al is cool though.



DarthNocturnal commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (New Nintendo ...:

I dislike buying used on relatively recent (i.e. current gen or late releases on past gen) games. I see it as a crapshoot. Picky? Maybe. But there's a reason why I'm waiting for Kirby's Return to Dreamland to come to Wii U eShop. Despite being a later Wii release of a popular franchise, the game is apparently uncommon and/ or rare. Since the digital copy will be, in essence, new, and only $20, it's win-win (plus no shipping needed).

I even did a search on EB Games (Canadian version of GameStop). All they had was Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. Which means ordering the original from the US, which I imagine will add to shipping costs.

If we were talking about a decade or older game, then sure, used is pretty much your only option.

Clearly you care more about playing it on a TV then I do. If the port is done correctly (and judging by this review, it is), then really, it'll be a great experience regardless of which version I play. I get where you were going with the N3DS price factored in, but if I already have one (and I do), then why jump through hoops for a small luxury? A luxury that may be infinitely easier AND cheaper in the future?



DarthNocturnal commented on Weirdness: Brave Hunters Can Soon Ride a Monst...:

So Japan is getting a Mon......... wait, it's in North America?? That's... really rather surprising. Granted, it's just a reskin, but still.
That said, even if I had the chance, I probably wouldn't ride it. I've had numerous chances to ride a roller coaster, but I've always declined.
Also...wouldn't it make more sense to refit a mechanical bull?



DarthNocturnal commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (New Nintendo ...:

So... you want me to potentially IMPORT (which costs MORE money) a game (that might be rare, and thus expensive, or at least as expensive as this re-release), with the intention of messing around with my several hundred dollar Wii U, just to play that ONE game? On my TV?

Yeah, no. If they put it on the eShop, good for them. If not, no big deal.



DarthNocturnal commented on Opinion: Splatoon Is to Shooters what Mario Ka...:

I'm more of a solo player, although it's not by choice. All my friends live elsewhere. And then there's the issue of everyone not owning the same game (except on PC, usually), so online doesn't always pan out.
Splatoon does interest me, but I am wondering if the online mode will just become yet another mode where it feels like I'm just playing against smart AI. It happens in most shooters I've played, and it makes it kinda boring sometimes.
I'd only really care about voice chat if I was using it with friends. I don't need some raging moron telling me how bad I am.



DarthNocturnal commented on Review: Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley (3DS):

I haven't played that much Harvest Moon, but it felt like the franchise changed around the DS era, both in look and feel (going by Nintendo Power previews). Guess the change in developers explains that.
I got the SNES Harvest Moon a few months back. Playing it makes me think that Natsume should do a full reset, and go back to basics (with modern tweaks as needed). Until then, I can't see myself playing beyond the GBA and Gamecube games (assuming a re-release ever happens.)



DarthNocturnal commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

Wasn't it revealed that Koei had plans for a female Link character in Hyrule Warriors? So the idea of a female Link has probably already crossed the minds of the developers at Nintendo.
That said, Zelda has been shown to be skilled in swordplay and magic, not to mention her ninja abilities as Shiek. So why not just use Zelda?



DarthNocturnal commented on We Have Shigeru Miyamoto To Thank For The Supe...:

I never really had issues with the old 3D. And the new 3D sometimes becomes "Super Flicker 3D". That island jumping minigame in MM 3D? Imagine doing it crosseyed (I still scored what I needed for the piece of heart long before the time expired).
Granted, it adjusts quickly, but at the end of the day, you still need to sit still, or else it freaks out on you.