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DarthNocturnal commented on Talking Point: The Fragility of Buying Downloa...:

I don't recall Valve forcing anyone to charge for mods, only that it was an option (a dumb option; a donation button would've been more appropriate). You may want to check your sources. I know the page explaining it on Steam described it as optional.

That said, this is a real fear I have with my 360 and PS3 with my digital games/ DLC. No (proper) backwards compatability on the One or PS4. So, what happens if they pull the plug? Suddenly my lease is up. And no, streaming is NOT a proper substitute. That allows for even less ownership then digital.

Thankfully I still buy retail on consoles when it's an option, but if a game is digital only, I'm OK with getting it. But I am wary.

Besides, agreement or no, there will be backlash when/ if the plug is ever pulled. Unless they make it so we can always access our games, regardless over whether we upgrade or not, people will fight for this. Because money.



DarthNocturnal commented on Reaction: There is a Positive Angle to Nintend...:

Honestly, I want the game even more now. I still think the times should've run for far longer, but it had solid performance when it was running.

Also, to everyone who said the demo crashed... are you sure it didn't just hang for a bit before returning to the title screen / equipment select screen? Happened to me twice, but I didn't have to reset the console or anything.



DarthNocturnal commented on Splatoon Global Testfire Suffers Major Problem...:

I think this shows why they needed to have it run for more then one hour...

That said, once the 2nd hour started, it was perfect (again). I had ONE disconnect, and I played for the whole hour.

I'm debating moving this game up in my priority list, over CodeName S.T.E.A.M and Puzzle and Dragons Z/ SMB Edition.



DarthNocturnal commented on Feature: What the Heck is Puzzle & Dragons? - ...:

I actually gave P&D on mobile a try after hearing about the SMB Edition. Definitely looking forward to picking up the bundle.

The funny thing is, "match the blocks" puzzle games (Tetris, Dr. Mario) are a kind of game I generally avoid. Maybe it's because you have all the time you need to think, or the RPG party-building elements, but this game somehow defies everything, and it's actually enjoyable.



DarthNocturnal commented on Pokémon Rumble World is One of the Top 10 'Tr...:

Army of Two: Devil's Cartel is 10? Must've been that free Games for Gold givaway on 360.

I wonder how many MKX videos are gameplay, and how many are people vowing to never buy another MK if it keeps up with it's DLC practices...

Oh and Rumble World is alright. I consider it better then Shuffle in a few ways.



DarthNocturnal commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

I wonder if Nintendo will be re-releasing a bunch of Star Fox games on VC to build up the hype (moreso if they add GCN). If so, they should really release Star Fox 2.

Kind of a shame that Star Fox is seen as something of a guinea pig by Miyamoto. Seems it has a hard time getting anywhere because of that. Although I wouldn't say there's ever been a BAD Star Fox.



DarthNocturnal commented on Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon is Adventuring ...:


It's mostly just because everyone is saying it's F2P because it has "Super" in the title. I figure numerous posters got burned by Super Monday Night Combat.

Has Chunsoft even dabbled in F2P? And if so, was it even with a Mystery Dungeon game?

Plus, now that I think about it, Nintendo was pretty quick and upfront about Shuffle and Rumble World being F2P. So there's a good chance that if this was F2P, it would've been revealed by now.



DarthNocturnal commented on Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon is Adventuring ...:

I enjoyed the Blue version of the first games and Darkness and Sky for the second games, but I ignored Gates to Infinity for whatever reason. Seeing as how this one will likely have all the Gen VI mons, it might be a good title to get back into the series with.

Also, the article says coming to RETAIL. Pretty sure you can't sell a F2P game at retail.



DarthNocturnal commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. (Wii U eShop / DS):

I think the New series of Mario titles need to be retired. They aren't bad by any means, but it feels like Nintendo took a few steps back, and then stayed there. There weren't too many evolutions in the New games compared to the NES titles and World.

Plus, the New series powerups are somewhat... underwhelming.



DarthNocturnal commented on Video: Christopher Lloyd Revives Doc Brown Rol...:

Wait a minute.............Christopher Lloyd was Doc Brown? I guess that's what I get for having never seen either of the Back to the Future movies.

I saw silver and gold studs. I guess gameplay will work out to be like the older games. Hopefully the vehicles and characters are a bit more unique.



DarthNocturnal commented on This 3DS Carry Case Has A StreetPass Window, B...:

I'm honestly surprised that anyone outside of Japan would be that interested in this. Aside from conventions, StreetPass and other "tag" functions have never really taken off in the West. Which is why I get annoyed when Nintendo locks content behind it's use.



DarthNocturnal commented on Feature: A Nintendo Fan's Guide to E3 2015:

I'll probably just watch Nintendo's Digital Event. I think the year I ignored the other press conferences, Microsoft tried to sell us horrible DRM.

I'll probably just wait for Treehouse videos to be uploaded onto the eShop. Then I don't really have to worry about missing anything.


"Platinum tweeted an image of Bayonetta in her Samus outfit (from the Wii U port) so of course the first thought/rumour/hope/pipe dream is that P* may be working on a new Metroid to be shown at E3."

Not sure if want... I think I'd prefer the Retro Studios or Next Level Games rumors to be true.



DarthNocturnal commented on Review: 3D Thunder Blade (3DS eShop):

I tried Super Thunder Blade on the Genesis collection on Steam. Honestly? It felt like a poor man's Star Fox. I remember the controls not being that great, and avoiding ANYTHING was a struggle. Sounds like the original isn't much better.



DarthNocturnal commented on Review: Paper Mario (Wii U eShop / Nintendo 64):

I really hope the next Paper Mario is closer to this and Thousand Year Door. Super Paper Mario was great, but Sticker Star... felt like it was trying to be both Paper Mario styles at once, and it was bleh. Semi-pointless battles, limited attacks (which WAS an issue in a few boss fights), no partners... the only thing that was still faithful was the humor.

Seeing as how Thousand Year Door was released over a DECADE ago... re-treading old ground would hardly be overdoing it.



DarthNocturnal commented on Square Enix Pushes Back Its E3 Press Conferenc...:

I'm actually kind of hoping that they announce more PC ports, namely for FF XV, Type 0, and KH3. Then I'd only have 1 reason to get a One and 1 reason to get a PS4. And that one reason for One might very well vanish, if Microsoft is going to do what I think they'll do.



DarthNocturnal commented on Wii U and 3DS Continue Improved Sales in the U...:


My brain isn't wired like that. More often then not, large RPGs have missables. Some are meh, others make you want to kick yourself. I figure Xenoblade is no exception. Which led me to running around Colony 9's area for about 3-4 hours, trying to kill X number of fauna. Because if there is a reward, I WILL have it.

I dislike how certain quests seem tied to certain parts of the day, however. If it was as binary as "day/night", it'd be OK. But it seems some people only have problems at select hours.



DarthNocturnal commented on Wii U and 3DS Continue Improved Sales in the U...:

People complain about Mortak Kombat X's DLC... then it hits #1 in the charts. Sure, why not?

Also, I just got Xenoblade Chronicles 3D yesterday. Already seems like fun. But man, huge areas + quests everywhere is going to drive me nuts. At least missable quests are marked.



DarthNocturnal commented on Splatoon Global Testfire is Confirmed for One ...:


Pretty sure a few others have been $70 as well. Hyrule Warriors and maybe Mario Kart 8. And Smash Bros on Wii U.

I know we are technically paying a bit less, but it doesn't feel like we are.

Anyhoo, 7 PM might be doable for me. I had fun with the l first testfire. But seriously, increase the time limit.



DarthNocturnal commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights The Planned Connectivi...:


When most people talk about crossbuy, they're refering to games that are on (and may potentially be on) both platforms, namely Virtual Console (but there are others).

If they suddenly reveal GBA games are coming to 3DS, I don't want to pay another $8 to play Golden Sun on it. I should be able to just download it on my 3DS at no extra cost. And saves should be transferable between Wii U and 3DS.



DarthNocturnal commented on Hardware Review: REVO K101 Plus:

If it ran GB/C games (natively) and swapped the cartridge slot position, which would allow me to play Kirby Tilt N Tumble, I'd be very interested. Even without, this is kinda neat.



DarthNocturnal commented on Nintendo Announces Its Plans for E3 2015, Head...:

So many possible hints.... I wouldn't put it past them.

Also, I like the Digital Events. With live presentations, you'd have X bigwig talking at great length, about nothing, with a vigor one would save for telling the world about a cure for a horrible disease, and then it would somehow end with a reveal of the next Mario game.

With digital, they cut out the fluff, and get right to the good stuff. No jargon, or waxing business talk or philosophy. Just " here is the new Paper Mario, you may now squee with joy".



DarthNocturnal commented on Great News, Just Dance Fans, Ubisoft Has Confi...:


I think Michel Ancel said they plan to launch on next gen (now current gen) consoles (well, and PC)... which, likely means no Wii U. Not that it bothers me much, since I'd probably just get it on PC anyway. But obviously it's a downer that Wii U would miss out.

Well, unless Ubisoft keeps staying stupid, releasing games before they're done. Those AC Unity screenshots... shudder.



DarthNocturnal commented on Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition Le...:

Seeing as how Mario Kart 7 and New Leaf are the newest portable entries into their franchises, it's not too surprising that they have that kind of lasting power.

Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins, however, is a bit of a surprise. Although I've heard good things about the Wii U game.