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DarthNocturnal commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival (Wii U):

Sounds like this should've been included as a series of side modes in a proper Wii U entry. By itself, it doesn't seem like much.

I'm still trying to get the Smash amiibo, so I'm OK with skipping the AC amiibo until they are actually needed.



DarthNocturnal commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

People will hate a score regardless. They think 8.8 is bad, they'll call you troll buzzwords like "shill" or "fanboy" if you give certain kinds of games high scores, or think you're a hater if you give out anything below an 8.

And Nintendo making something doesn't mean it's instantly gold. I've played some lackluster titles, and some stinkers.

I'm rather glad I read that Ultra Smash review. It confirmed my hunch to put off getting it until later. Now I have resources I can put towards other games, like any of the upcoming Q1/Q2 2016 releases.



DarthNocturnal commented on Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U):


Maybe GS4 could be for NX? Plus, GS 1 and 2 are on Wii U VC, and they could always add Dark Dawn, then direct people to those games to learn the story so far.

And man, Dullahan. "GEE, THAT'S A NICE SUMMON YA GOT THERE! MIND IF I TRY IT?". I liked him better when one of his attacks was hilariously mistranslated.



DarthNocturnal commented on Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U):


I loved Advance Tour. I remember being disappointed when I found out that Mario Power Tennis couldn't link to it (curse you internet rumors / assumptions!), and finding it a bit odd that Mario had barely ANY presence in the game.

Then I stopped caring when I found the game to be a rather robust RPG where you get to play Tennis. The minigames felt a bit... iffy, considering how slowly they granted points towards power shots (well, as far as I remember), but overall, a solid title.

I have a harder time with golf games (my weakness seems to be putting), but I've actually been tempted to get some of the older titles on VC after playing World Tour. Sounds like the GBA entry is a good place to start.



DarthNocturnal commented on Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U):

Sounds like it was wise for me to remove it from my wishlist. I'll see about picking it up somewhere down the line. Maybe updates are coming?


No kidding. They've got one of the best RPG developers, and one of the best arcade sports developers... but they don't seem to be trying to improve on the previous games.

Granted, Mario Golf World Tour seemed pretty well put together... but then again, I havn't played any previous Golf games. I HAVE played the Tennis games, and... the sense of "meh" I get from those who played Open on 3DS makes me think that if I do get it, it should be at a decent price reduction.

And don't get me started on Golden Sun...



DarthNocturnal commented on The Man Responsible For Sega's Blast Processin...:

I recall reading that the CPU speed of the system had little to do with it being faster. Something to the effect that SNES' CPU could put out more instructions a second, balancing thing out where that was concerned.

It did have other advantages however, so it's not completely false.



DarthNocturnal commented on Project X Zone 2 Will Have Some Pre-Order Bonu...:


It's almost like they want... money or somethin'.

I try not to get too hung up, because there's always a chance that the content will be released later somehow. But yeah, it can be annoying sometimes.


I imagine developers have already agreed to it in a contract. Publisher pays the bill, developers do what they're told. Suggestions are possible from developers, but the publisher is under no obligation to act on them.



DarthNocturnal commented on You'll Be Able To Dress Up Your Felyne Palico ...:

What?! No Blue Eyes White Dragon?!... or that the armor set the hunters get...AFTER we get to hunt one? =P

Also, now I have an excuse to yell "NOT SO FAST! YOU'VE ACTIVATED MY TRAP!" when a monster tries to maul me and ends up in my pitall / shock trap.



DarthNocturnal commented on Pokémon Red, Blue & Yellow Are Coming To The ...:


Kill newer games sales? To quote Grand Moff Tarkin "I think you overestimate their chances."


Because EVERY other game on VC isn't also a buggy mess. Ever look up FF1 bugs? It's worse then these games.

You're complaining about the sole reason VC exists; to play old games, regardless of whether they are as good as the newer entries or not.

As for multi... well, better late then never. You can complain about how it took a while, or just be thankful it happened. Or would you rather they remove it from these releases so you can complain that it isn't there?



DarthNocturnal commented on Minecraft Wii U Edition Has Been Rated By PEGI:


I think each version is tailored to the platform, with the end goal of making all in-game features available in all versions (although console versions are behind PC, and mobile is behind consoles).

A Wii U version would hopefully have bigger worlds then 360/ PS3 (but smaller then One / PS4), and be up-to-date with console version content. And then of course, gamepad specific features.

And I'm not sure there's a single version of Minecraft without multiplayer. It's an important feature.

EDIT: And don't forget exclusive texture packs and skins. Legend of Zelda pack anyone?



DarthNocturnal commented on Review: Yo-Kai Watch (3DS):

"To unleash a Yo-kai's special move, which is referred to as a Soultimate attack, you have to participate in one of a few simple touchscreen minigames. It's a great idea, and it is enjoyable for a while, but it's not long before these activities lose their appeal. Tracing the same shapes or popping the same orbs over and over becomes routine and therefore devolves into a chore. "

Reminds me of Sonic Chronicles.



DarthNocturnal commented on The Next Nintendo Direct is on 12th November:


I like that 2nd one. I've been sitting on eShop credit for over a month because of Direct rumors. It'd be nice if that was true. Especially if the new characters are real; I still need to get the stages. If can nab some VC titles on the cheap...

But, we'll know when we'll know.



DarthNocturnal commented on Valhalla Game Studios is Being Sued Over a Tra...:

"...such as the infamous case where Red Bull had to pay $10 to anybody that's ever bought the energy drink because it does not, in fact, give you wings."

Does. Not. Compute.


The law is all about stupid-proofing things (or at least it seems like it). Coffee cups have a warning that they are hot? "But that's common knowledge!" you say. Yeah, that's what most people thought...

That said, they do both use Valhalla, and the icons are similar. I mean, yeah, people can read, but that's how it goes with these things.



DarthNocturnal commented on Review: Stinger (Wii U eShop / NES):

"Konami headquarters is in flames, with aliens having kidnapped the old man in charge; you may be wondering what for, but these aliens clearly have a strange attack strategy."

Obviously they knew the problems occurring at Konami.

And they wanted Gradius games instead.



DarthNocturnal commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Pokémon G...:


The system as it is now was introduced in Gen 3, although yes, Gen 1 and 2 had something similar.

And it's the fact they are both hidden, and a pain to try to min-max. Natures? Breed, check stats, chuck it, unless it's what you want. EVs? They did away with hiding it starting in the 6th gen, and even before then, it was something you had more control over.

But IVs? You still need external means to know EXACTLY what each IV is. The ingame method isn't really exact. Then there's all that breeding and re-breeding and etc.

They have made a few steps towards making it less of an enigma and easier to manage, but when you already have natures and moves to worry about... do we really need it?



DarthNocturnal commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Pokémon G...:

Good read. I partially agree on modern breeding mechanics; IVs seems like one detail too many. Natures and EVs is more then enough for me.

I've never seen running Pokemon as an "addictive" pastime. It's gotten easier / less tedious over the years, but I won't be upset if they ever drop it.



DarthNocturnal commented on Target Reservation Cards Re-Affirm Fire Emblem...:

I may see if there's a bundled edition at a discount. Canadian dollar woes...


I believe the digital version had you pick a path, then downloaded the campaign for the chosen path. The alternate path was purchasable as DLC.

With the separate retail carts, your path is chosen, but the other is still available as DLC.

I believe the separate campaigns are cheaper when bought as DLC. Or at least, it was in Japan. My knowledge of conversion rates isn't great, but I think it was roughly $15-$20 US.



DarthNocturnal commented on Video: A Wii Wave Race Project Got Far Enough ...:


I did read the comment before replying. Most / all of it came across like you've seen the future and have all but confirmed what will happen. There's what you intend to say, and what others read. I've made similar mistakes before.

"You know it for a fact that Uprising will not be followed up on in this decade or the next." "You will probably see a HD remake on NX... Probably... but no true sequel. I can almost for certain guarantee that." Seriously, how else was I supposed to interpret that? Whether you'd be shocked or not doesn't really change the fact that those come across as set-in-stone facts. And you were talking strictly about Kid Icarus, not Nintendo's neglect of some of it's franchises.

I am aware that they've neglected franchises for long stretches of time. But history doesn't always have to repeat itself. You don't really know the future until it becomes the present.