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DarthNocturnal commented on Weirdness: Shigeru Miyamoto Takes on a Shinya...:

Shigeru Miyamoto beats a level in Mario Maker while people with surgical masks watch... either Japan has high smog levels, or this is an average day.

Also, wow. The amount of space we have for levels now is awesome. September can't come soon enough.



DarthNocturnal commented on Video: The Nintendo 64 Kid Is Taking Unboxing ...:

I'm rather indifferent to Taco Bell. Probably because I've eaten there a total of... once.

A lot of people seem to be overly worried regarding if anyone will get the joke. I'm sure a lot of commercials have punchlines that nobody picks up on.



DarthNocturnal commented on Treyarch Isn't Working on Call of Duty: Black ...:


That's pretty much my stance. And while I do have interest in a few One/ PS4 titles, there's a chance that most might come to PC in the future. At the very least, Square has been making (awkward, but serviceable) baby steps towards PCs. And that Halo compilation might come to PC someday. They probably got all the sales they can out of the XBOX One version. Gotta go somewhere after that...



DarthNocturnal commented on Video: Gengar Confirmed as a Fighter in Pokké...:


I was under the impression that it was supposed to be a spinoff of the Tekken series. And as flashy as some attacks are, it doesn't look nearly as over the top as the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games.

And, why are you complaining about the arcade controller, when we'll probably never see the arcade version outside of Japan?

Considering the first trailer was revealed to western audiences, it's likely only a matter of time before it comes to other regions. On Wii U.

I wonder what our chances are of getting the "Hitmon" species in this game.



DarthNocturnal commented on Digital Foundry Assesses The Legend of Zelda: ...:

Super Mario Sunshine seems to be the popular vote. And I'd be very OK with it. It, like Super Mario 64 before it, felt like a playground. The freedom to just mess around, either on the hub world or a level. Finding your own path.

Galaxy felt like a major downgrade, which has persisted in the 3D games (Land/ World). Suddenly the open worlds were gone, and everything felt "A to B" again. I want to start from A, go to M, take a cannon to Q, run through E, and then finally, when I feel like it, head to B.



DarthNocturnal commented on Digital Foundry Assesses The Legend of Zelda: ...:

I'd be down with some more remakes. I like new and old stuff.

The two Gamecube Rogue Squadron titles would be awesome.... but unlikely. EA hasn't done that much on Wii U last I checked. And I doubt we'll even see legacy Star Wars titles on the VC.



DarthNocturnal commented on Does Call of Duty Belong on Nintendo Consoles?:

Seems the embed links for Youtube videos are broken (although not for links in regular articles, oddly enough). Just yesterday I tried to watch the amiibo video, but nothing. Same with older videos I had watched. Tried two different browsers on two different devices and still nothing.



DarthNocturnal commented on The Mechs of Xenoblade Chronicles X Are Named ...:

ExoSKELLeton. Awkward definition aside, it seems to fit. And Doll felt like a word that Japanese people would use without having full knowledge of the English language. They often think a lot of English words sound "cool", and don't consider the meaning or general use of the word in question. A good example was "Genocide City" for a scrapped level in Sonic 2. Cool as it may have sounded, they weren't fully aware of it's meaning, and it had to be toned down.

I probably wouldn't have minded if it stayed as Doll, but giant robots deserve cool names.

On that note, I'm naming one MEGAS.



DarthNocturnal commented on Natsume Suggests That Nintendo's Moving Away F...:

They shouldn't move away from ANY platform. They need to step up the efforts of Wii U VC. Ever since the debut of WiiWare, releases are often at a trickle rate. And the fact they started fresh on Wii U was bad. Sure, you have the Wii Shop Channel, but Nintendo insists we pay to upgrade (and I use the term loosely) to Wii U if we want off TV play. I'm worried that when the next console and portable hit, we'll be back to square one. Again.

And about why we have the trickle rate. It's not going to cause our brains to implode if you do 3-5 a week as opposed to one or none.



DarthNocturnal commented on Video: Here's Our Own Animal Crossing x Mario ...:

I think I'm in the minority when I say I hate Baby Park, but love Neo Bowser City.

The GBA tracks are by far the most impressive. People often complain how retro tracks are "less work", but that only really applies for tracks made in Double Dash and onward. And even then, they can really overhaul quite a bit.



DarthNocturnal commented on Play: Take On 200cc and DLC Racing in Mario Ka...:

Sounds fun, but I'm assuming you need to unlock 200cc offline in order to access it? In which case, I'm out. 150cc seems to ramp up the number of times I get screwed over by items greatly (moreso then any previous Mario Kart). I think I was aiming to get at least 1 star ranking, but I felt compelled to shoot for 3, which led to frustration. Maybe I just need to lower my standards for now. Gotta walk before you can run and all that.

Honestly, this new DLC release is a bit of a mixed bag for me. The new tracks are neat, but I've been reminded as to why I stopped playing a while back.



DarthNocturnal commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Nintendo Direct Confirm...:

I figure that this will be a Direct that'll help clarify some elements, since it's in English. I just hope that I can actually watch it on their Direct site this time.


Game droughts often occur in (and sometimes leading up to) the summer. Splatoon is due next month, and Xenoblade Chronicles X is one release we know about, but we don't know the release date. Once E3 hits, we'll probably have more to look forward to.



DarthNocturnal commented on Video: Check Out the Surprising Complexity of ...:

I downloaded Puzzle & Dragons to see what the big deal was, and while I normally stay away from "line up the blocks" games, this one has enough of a twist that, I have to admit, makes it quite fun. Looking forward to the Super Mario Bros Edition.



DarthNocturnal commented on Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem’s Character...:


I read something elsewhere that revealed a few things (the school logo resembling the Fire Emblem from Marth and Chrom's world, a few notable villians from Awakening, etc), and I recognize that one of the characters is dressed akin to Marth, and what appears to be Chrom or Lucina appears as some... masked, evil-looking thing, and the Tiki-esqe girl.

But it seems like Fire Emblem as we know it got seriously scrambled in the transition. Maybe most of the familar stuff has yet to be shown. But I'm seeing mostly SMT, and precious little Fire Emblem. And no, I'm not refering to how the game isn't a turn-based strategy game.



DarthNocturnal commented on Sonic Boom Was Originally Called Sonic Synergy...:

And to think, I considered putting this on my Christmas list. But I opted to see the reception it got before getting it. Bullet. Dodged.

Can we add Black Knight to the terribad Sonic games list? That game probably had the most awkward mechanics, and the developers lied about a few things, like the game not being on rails anymore.



DarthNocturnal commented on Gallery: These Project X Zone 2 Screens Give a...:

I consider the 1st game to be a "how did I miss that?" game. I should check some places to see if they have it.

One thing that baffled me about the first game however... is no Sonic. You create a crossover with SEGA, and yet, no Sonic?

Actually, looking at the roster, there's a lot of Sega missing... why not throw in Gilius Thunderhead, or Ryo, or... I don't know, Billy Hatcher?

And heck, why not Pac Man? If he's good enough for Street Fighter X Tekken...



DarthNocturnal commented on Rumour: More Super Smash Bros. Code Digging Po...:

One other thing about Roy... I'm assuming Sakurai's reason for ditching Chrom still applies? He did somewhat defy this with Lucina, but I wonder if he wouldn't bring Roy back without some major modifications, lest everyone call him out on that yet again.


They'll stop when people stop being interested in potential new content.

So, about the time Smash 5 comes out. Then we'll be focused on Smash 5 leaks / rumors / etc.

In other words, never.



DarthNocturnal commented on Talking Point: Market Expectations Remain High...:

"The iOS and Android markets are so crowded, with prices that have raced to the bottom, that an app needs to go viral to make serious money."

Honestly, if the first game is one of the Big Three (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon), and is even just decently made, it'll sell like hotcakes (or IAP will). And if it's true Nintendo calibur, ca-ching.

Then maybe they could follow up with other titles from the more niche series. Advance Wars with one-time purchase payment, map editor and online multiplayer anyone?



DarthNocturnal commented on Rumour: More Super Smash Bros. Code Digging Po...:


It's my understanding that Roy is one of the worst (if not THE worst) Lord in Fire Emblem as a whole, stat-wise. Plus, Binding Blade didn't sell too well in Japan (which might be why it was't localized back in the day.) So if he gets back in, it'll be mostly on Smash popularity.

Personally, I feel they should either alt costume him, or Luigi-fy him.


I was questioning why the folder would be included if it was leftover data. What you just said is exactly why I feel it is future patch/ DLC data, and not some drunk employee copy / pasting a folder of defunct content because it's funny.



DarthNocturnal commented on Rumour: More Super Smash Bros. Code Digging Po...:


The thing that confuses me... is why leftover code is being put into the game in a patch? I know I just said that 1.0.6 was possibly done a bit sloppily, but... still. What would go through a developer's mind in order for him to add a folder with content NOT relevant to what the patch was for?



DarthNocturnal commented on Rumour: More Super Smash Bros. Code Digging Po...:

Read this yesterday. Honestly, it gives the impression that the 1.0.6 patch was just sloppy in general. Mewtwo preventing people from going online, and then a file that was possibly left in on accident. And apparently, some more possible proof is that on the 3DS version in Classic mode, when Kirby is fought, it loads Battlefield instead of the existing Dream Land stage, implying it's trying to load something that doesn't exist (yet).



DarthNocturnal commented on Pirate Bay Co-Founder Unable To Experience The...:

I think there's a prison somewhere in the states where the inmates all wear pink prison suits, and they have access to two channels; the Weather Channel, and Disney.


Thankfully, a lot of older stuff is becoming routinely available. Although, Nintendo should really step up the efforts of the VC if they want to slow down piracy of older games. Between the slow trickle of games, and some games that will simply never get approved because of legal issues, the latter obviously looks more attractive. This is as opposed to Good Old Games, who seem to release new games at a pretty decent rate, and are VERY open with the community, even going so far as to have a "wish list", where people can submit game suggestions, as well as vote on them.



DarthNocturnal commented on Social Networks Go Into Meltdown Over Apparent...:

Seems plausible, but I prefer to neither believe, or disbelieve. And while I will admit that remakes seem to be (perhaps too) common for Zelda games nowadays, Twilight Princess on the go doesn't sound too bad.

Although, if there's one Zelda that needs a remake, it's Adventure of Link. One of the most inaccessible video games ever created, but it had some interesting ideas, and was certainly unique.



DarthNocturnal commented on Video: Did You Know Gaming? Tackles the Monste...:

I think I remember when 3 was still planned for PS3, and the Rathalos armor was a selectable costume in Lost Planet 2. Then it shifted to Wii. And that ultimately led to my first experience in Monster Hunter.

I'm certainly interested in the latest version of the MMO coming to the west. I'm leaning towards the PC version, but a few Nintendo crossover armor sets have appeared on the Wii U version. Plus there's player population to consider, and nowadays, when you think Monster Hunter, you think Nintendo.

Also, that narrator sounded familiar. Maybe it's just me.



DarthNocturnal commented on Official GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U...:

I pre-purchased the game + adapter + controller bundle about a month before release. Seeing how hard to find/ expensive these adapters are are their own, I am very glad I did so. And I doubt I'll ever need a 2nd one.

Now... bring on the amiibo restock. We know they are barely releasing anything for 3 months after wave 4 hits (just Dark Pit and Palutena in NA). I say, use that time to meet demand.



DarthNocturnal commented on Poll: Would You Like Mario Kart 8 and Super Sm...:


I think I'm a bit mixed on pre-ballot DLC characters all being Brawl semi-clones.

Lucas is great, if only because he was one of my mains in Brawl, and because Mother/ Earthbound gets it's other rep back. Plus I get the feeling that this may tie into something bigger.

As for Wolf, I liked his playstyle, but I didn't really miss too much him in Smash 4. Maybe it's because of "LANDMASTER!".

As for the one Melee clone... eh. Ike is Roy's playstyle expanded and made unique. Perhaps if he was an alt costume for Marth, but that's the exact same train of thought I had for Lucina and, well... yeah.

And as for odd-man-out Ryu, I think he'd be an interesting addition. Everyone complaining about how SF V is PS4 and PC only has forgotten how Snake has barely been featured on Nintendo platforms (and I don't count the two NES games), and his then-upcoming game at Brawl's release was for the PS3 only. Ryu, at the very least, had a strong presence on the SNES during it's era.

I'd probably feel compelled to get all of them either way. Which is why I hope Roy is either changed, or an alt costume.



DarthNocturnal commented on Poll: Would You Like Mario Kart 8 and Super Sm...:

I think Mario Kart 8 definitely has room to expand. They opened the floodgates when they added Link, Villager and Isabelle. For the longest time I've thought that Mario Kart would greatly benefit from the addition of other Nintendo franchises. How about adding Ness or Lucas and a Eagleland or Nowhere Islands track? Pit and Skyworld? Pokemon with a race around a given region in that world? The sky is the limit really. And it would make up for Mario Kart 8 having one of the worst starting rosters in the series' history (note that by "starting", I mean all non-DLC characters that shipped with the game).

As for Smash, I got a hunch that Mewtwo and Lucas are just a few pieces of DLC we're getting before the ballot closes. What with those Ryu and Roy rumors (not to mention the Dream Land stage from Smash 64), and the simple fact that the ballot closes in 5-6 months (and then they have to develop the characters, unless they somehow are planning to start developing characters before it ends). I figure either by the next Direct, or E3, we'll be getting more announcements.



DarthNocturnal commented on Unseen64 Breaks Down the Hidden History of Met...:


Thing is, I'm pretty sure that even in the GameCube original, I'd hit his legs when he wasn't trying to absorb beam attacks, and they were "durable" then. They supposedly flash red when hit, but since the Plasma Beam itself is red, maybe it gives the impression of getting a hit, when really you were off by however much.

In hindsight, the Nintendo Power guide suggested Super Missiles in addition to the Plasma Beam. If it wasn't for the desire to conserve ammo, I probably would've used those.



DarthNocturnal commented on Unseen64 Breaks Down the Hidden History of Met...:


I think I would've prefered Kraid. Omega Pirate has a rather annoying thing going on with his Phazon leg guards; either they're more durable then his shoulder armor, or they have a really small hitbox. I fought him a few days ago, and yeesh, those things just didn't want to break off (whereas the shoulder pads might as well have been cardboard). If it wasn't for the fact that I took off over 75% of his health during his first recovery phase, I doubt I would've won (and this was with most/ all energy tanks.)

And those piles of phazon weren't helping. "Phew I dodgAH ITBURNSITBURNSITBURNS"



DarthNocturnal commented on Review: Yoshi Touch & Go (Wii U eShop / DS):

I remember way back in early 2005, the DS game drought. I was getting bored of Super Mario 64 DS (I got all 150 stars and unlocked all minigames). I decided to get Yoshi Touch & Go, thinking it'd tide me over until the next big release.... I was wrong.

Looking back, this game had the variety and size of most modern mobile phone games (thank goodness it was a one-time payment). It's a shame they didn't actually try to add any sort of progression.

Either way, I found myself buying Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith on DS not too long after. It's actually a rather well-made beat-em-up like Streets of Rage or TMNT IV: Turtles in Time. It lasted me far longer then Yoshi Touch & Go ever did.



DarthNocturnal commented on Unseen64 Breaks Down the Hidden History of Met...:


I don't recall anything becoming more difficult by getting select power ups early (I did just about every early item possible, starting with the Space Jump Boots the moment you land on Tallon IV). If anything it made things easier. Ice weakness or no, the Plasma Beam tears everything apart (including Magmoor Cavern enemies, but excluding non-red Fission Metroids after splitting, and the various "Beam Troopers".)

And there was concept art on the actual Unseen64 page that depicted other mutated Metroid designs. Metroid Prime (the series, not just the first game) has some of the more frightening enemies in all of gaming. Those other Metroids would've been disturbing. And I thought a Hunter sucking the life out of you from a distance was bad...



DarthNocturnal commented on Unseen64 Breaks Down the Hidden History of Met...:

Crazy how much the game changed... but one thing that stands out, is how Thardus was originally a "fire boss". In the final version of Metroid Prime, Thardus is actually WEAK to the Plasma Beam, despite the fact that it isn't received until long after he is beaten (unless you have the correct version of the game and abuse exploits, like I did =P). Makes one wonder if he was supposed to be faced later, the Plasma Beam received earlier, or if they just "copy/ paste" the fire weakness.

A lot of those early models were kinda... ugly-ish. But I to give kudos to the developer who went into work on 9/11. Not many would feel like doing anything after hearing about that.

Shame about Kraid not getting in. Those other Metroids however... scarey. Hunter and Fission are bad enough.

Also, I've been playing Prime via Trilogy on Wii U recently, so this piece is rather well timed for me. I wonder if they have a Prime 2 article on the way...



DarthNocturnal commented on Fire Emblem: If Special Edition Bundle Sold Ou...:

I think the main issue here is the fact that BOTH halves of the game are ready to go at launch, yet they are supposedly "splitting" the game, putting the other half behind a paywall.

Think on this; what if the game was only one side? And that's all that shipped at launch? Then, months later, they unveil a newly developed DLC that let's you play as the other side, for the $15 their asking for now? Sounds like a better deal, because it would have been new content.

But as it stands, they're selling both parts at the same time, which is obviously going to give the impression that the games are split up simply because they can. In most people's eye's, this is no different then Ubisoft removing content from an Assassin's Creed title, and then locking it behind a paywall.

Of course, the biggest thing everyone is using to defend or attack the game, we don't know for sure. And that's that each side will have the same level of content as Awakening. As it stands, we don't know. And people generally want to know what they're getting with their money. That's why many are suspicious, because as far as they know, they are only getting half of an experience. Who is right and who is wrong? Nobody knows, and no one will know until details come out from Japan upon release.

And then, there's the fact that none of this may matter when the game launches in the West. Directs in NA (and I assume Europe) have been talking about it like one game (maybe they were in Japan as well, but it was shortly after the last Direct that Japan learned of the dual versions). And it's my understanding that Japan is generally more accepting of dual version games, whereas only a few can pull that off in western territories (Pokemon, being the main example). And while Awakening may have sold well, and has given the franchise a boost in popularity, it's still probably a bit too niche to pull this kind of stunt in the west.

I'm waiting to see how it pans out here before I think too much on it. We may all vary well be getting our feathers ruffled for no reason.



DarthNocturnal commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Dreamcast:


Yeah I knew. But even if I was rich, I'd probably still be reluctant to pay those inflated prices. Which is why Sega needs to port it to modern consoles (and better yet, PC); so that everyone can enjoy it again. Hopefully they use Legends as a base, but use the better audio found on the Dreamcast version.



DarthNocturnal commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Dreamcast:

I never owned (or had even played) the Dreamcast, but I have played a few of it's more well-known ports (Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was and still is my favorite 3D Sonic). I've been hoping that Sega will get around to porting Skies of Arcadia and Ecco: Defender of the Future someday. And I want to see what the deal is with Shenmue.



DarthNocturnal commented on Nintendo Working on Patch for Mewtwo Glitch Th...:

Good to hear they are aware and are working on a fix. I only used Mewtwo in regular offline Smashes on 3DS and Wii U, and Classic on Wii U. That said, I don't play online (I figure I wouldn't be that good), so I'm not really impacted, even if the glitch did affect me.



DarthNocturnal commented on Super Smash Bros. Club Nintendo Mewtwo Codes a...:

I encountered the error when trying my Wii U Mewtwo code, but I just hit OK again and it redeemed no problem.

I have to admit that the excitement wore off rather quickly... not sure why. I already knew he was similar to his Melee playstyle. But now I want it to be June so I can get Lucas...