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Tue 6th August, 2013

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Darkness3131 commented on Video: Atlus Serves Up an Early Look at Person...:

Looks interesting... This would be my first game in the Franchise since I have never owned any of the systems, however I don't think this will be my true step to the series. I plan to play the more mainstream games. This feels a little too similar to EO just looking at it, but I won't discount it. I'll still pick it up and try it out.



Darkness3131 commented on Square Enix To Focus Less on the 'Global Aspec...:

This is good. I really seem to like games made for a "Japanese audience", and there is defiantly a market here for them. If SE is discovering this and planning on releasing less western style games I'm all in. I hope other companies follow as well. The more the merrier after all! : D



Darkness3131 commented on Platinum: Nintendo Has Been The "White Knight"...:

I'm excited for this game and I never even played the original. I'll defiantly be picking this up especially because it is on the WiiU. I think some people need to let their feelings towards Nintendo go; after all it is another video game company and they can have games too.



Darkness3131 commented on Ninterview: Aaron "NintendoTwizer" Norton and ...:

This is what the dream for my future is like... I've always wanted to collect like this and hope my meager collection turns out like this. I'm also a bit of an organization freak so this room is absolutely beautiful. I think it will defiantly be inspiration when I get to this point.



Darkness3131 commented on Razor Global Domination Pro Tour Bringing Its ...:

When you actually get into doing tricks with scooters (in real life of coarse) it can actually be pretty fun; I do it myself. I don't really think a game about it will be very enticing, but I'll listen. Not planning on picking it up at the moment though....



Darkness3131 commented on NPD Data Shows More U.S. Gamers Switching to D...:

As someone who enjoy collecting, I will always want a physical copy. I do download some games from the eshop, but only if they are not available at retail, which isn't very often. I enjoy having the physical copy to call my own, keep on a shelf, or take to a friend's house.



Darkness3131 commented on Nintendo UK Launches a New "Nintendo Girls Clu...:

Saw the title of this and just knew crazy stuff was gonna go on in here ;)

I think the idea is alright as long as they don't actually segregate; this goes with idea some have mentioned about having a safe space to not be bashed by certain parts of the male community (I'm not saying every male). YouTube is not really a good place because of the open comments section, but the idea is there. If they are going to only show the stereotypical "girly" games, then really there is no point. It will make girls feel like they are being treated too differently than males and we all know where that path leads. It bottoms down to a thin line; we just have to wait to see how Nintendo crosses it.



Darkness3131 commented on Review: Barbie Dreamhouse Party (Wii U):

There is no shame in me watching all the seasons of this show in one day. None at all. The game isn't really appealing though; I was surprised at how not totally terrible the actual show was.



Darkness3131 commented on Tomodachi Collection: New Life Currently Being...:

This seems to differ enough from animal crossing enough to catch my eye. I've been watching for a while; glad to see that these kinds of things are making it to the west. I am loving all the stuff they typically consider "too Japanese".



Darkness3131 commented on The Nintendo Phone Almost Happened A Decade Ago:

If you think about it though the views from then to today can change things. It would have been a fairly innovative move had it worked out at the time, and we all know that Nintendo has taken some innovative steps. Now that games are all over the smartphone market, it is probably not as appealing as it was before.