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Tue 6th August, 2013

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Darkness3131 commented on Square Enix Temporarily Pulls 3DS Dragon Quest...:

It would be ironic if they localized it, but didn't know how popular it would be and only produced some copies like xenoblade. Then all the copies would sell out and they would have the opposite problem of needing to make more. :D



Darkness3131 commented on NES-Themed Nintendo 3DS XL On The Way as GameS...:

I love the look of all of these, but there is no point in me getting one if they are introducing the New 3DS. They should make faceplates or something that have a tie in to these since lots of people want the new 3DS over a now inferior model.



Darkness3131 commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire's File Si...:

The pikachu tail in the grass looks like a very interesting feature. I'd guess that it is similar to the way pikachu's cry can be actually heard in X and Y; you can now tell when you are going to catch a pikachu? Or maybe it's an event. Something along those lines. Either way this looks great. Hits right in the nostalgia, especially with the poke dolls.



Darkness3131 commented on Win a Super Smash Bros. Trainer Jacket from Ni...:

Cool, but I'm extremely unlucky and I boycott twitter so I guess there is no sweater for me. It surprises me how many people without twitter there are in this comments section actually. Maybe they are running all of these contests on twitter because it has less people and it will be easier to pick a winner :D



Darkness3131 commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

I held out on an XL so this may have to be something I look at especially if the exclusive games idea becomes a thing. Lots of people here seem to be annoyed buy the mico sd card change, but that doest matter much to me as I really only own the convertible sd cards anyway, and I always buy physical. What would really annoy me is if I had to buy this to play a lot of the newest 3DS games. I'm willing to, because the upgraded hardware would be nice, but if I HAVE to feel like that would a slap in the face since I do own an original 3DS and a WiiU. The other thing that troubles me is what will happen with my miiverse account and such since it was limited to one piece of hardware. Would I have to do a system transfer?



Darkness3131 commented on Talking Point: Deconstructing Nintendo's Retai...:

I usually hold off on eshop purchases mainly because I like physical. Unless I'm really dying to have a game that is download only, (Which has only happened once or twice) I will get a physical disk or not get it at all until there is a disk.



Darkness3131 commented on Best Buy Gearing Up For Enticing Buy One Get O...:

Wow. I might actually spring for this since I'm only missing my eventual Pro Controller and two games on that list. I was just planning on leaving the leftovers until Christmas and saving, but maybe I'll get in on this deal if it comes my way.



Darkness3131 commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

I think mobile gaming has its place, but I enjoy playing handheld games a lot more. Maybe this is because I grew up before the iPod and such and I had a Game Boy. I do play mobile games but I tend to find them weak so I never play any particular one very long; although I have played Layton Brothers multiple times. I think part of this has to do with everyone these days carrying a phone so that they can keep in touch, especially kids if they are walking home from school and going out with friends. Having a quick game to play on the school bus is just something to do and is quick, cheap, and easy, and they already have their phone with them anyway. I do find it silly for young children to have a phone or tablet, but of course they are not my kids. Either way, I'll be sticking with my 3DS and any other subsequent handhelds.



Darkness3131 commented on Parent Trap: Amiibo Charts A Fresh Course In T...:

I think in terms of comparison to other options, Nintendo has done a lot of things right. Yes they are buying into this toy market, but the customization and the versatility really add something new and personal to the experience, and it certainly gives me more motivation to buy. Not to mention they look very pretty. It is also very convenient that the gamepad reads the figures on its own, eliminating peripherals.



Darkness3131 commented on Agitha, of Twilight Princess Fame, Confirmed a...:

@Knuckles It would be really cool if Link had some kind of gauge where when he has beat enough enough enemies you can activate a mode that makes him send out a force as he turns into FD mode. It could initially blast away all nearby enemies and then you could go around with a super powered sword for a while.



Darkness3131 commented on Talking Point: New Ideas, Not New IPs, Are The...:

I think growing up in a house where I was the only one that played video games really gave me a different perspective on games. My parents had no idea what to get in terms of games, and being a child, I didn't have many ways to find out what games were the best. My childhood collection consisted of obscure titles save a Mario or Zelda, and everything else was shovel ware. When I was able to start looking for myself, there were all these new and amazing franchises I had never really heard of, so I was more focused on gameplay than what character was on the box. I like to think this allowed me to branch out from the typical mold slightly. Of coarse, I still love the next Zelda or anything like the next person, but lots of times, I wasn't attached to the series in any way before playing a middle installment, and I went to explore the series long after I had fallen in love with the gameplay.



Darkness3131 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Beware the Slip...:

I think it looks awkward. The product placement in Pikmin 2 worked because of the style of game play. I don't think that this specific kart is the right way to go for this type of thing; maybe it would be different if the company designed a Mario kart style car that at least looked like it fit into the universe. I don't really agree with product placement like this but I can deal with it; especially since this is optional DLC. Despite the fact that I usually get all free DLC I don't think i'll be picking this one up just for the fact that the kart doesn't seem to fit into Mario Kart.

On a side note, what will this placement do for the large number of children playing? With adults it is a little different as they can actually buy a car, but what about kids? Just brand recognition I guess....