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Wed 16th July, 2014

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DarkmarkUnited commented on Feature: A Nintendo Fan's Guide to E3 2015:

@TSB Yes, I hope that they buy the Sonic The Hedgehog I.P because I'm sure Sonic will do much better in the hands of Nintendo. @FX102A they should make Sonic Adventure 3 for next-gen, (XBOX ONE, PS4, WII U, PC) Sonic Advance 4 for hand-helds (3DS, PSVITA) and Sonic Generations 2 for all next-gen and last-gen consoles! That will be amazing!



DarkmarkUnited commented on Nintendo Announces Best Buy Locations and Deta...:

Nintendo, A) WHY U NO LET CANADA IN THIS SO-CALLED "World" CHAMPIONSHIP! B) Why is it only NES REMIX that will be presented? There was SO MUCH opportunities that NOA could have done? and C) why is it only 8 locations in the U.S?! Nintendo, you BETTER HAVE A BETTER LINE UP OF GAMES FOR E3 2015! I am not getting hyped for nothing! :C