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Wed 26th Aug 2009

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Dark_Zelda commented on Nintendo vs R4: The Lawsuit and the Snitch:

there's nothing wrong with r4's if used legally i buy my games and then i download roms and put them on my r4 because i hate having 15-20 cartage's with me at all times especially when im traveling because they get lost so this way i have all my games on 1 cartage and i never have to worry about loosing another game again!



Dark_Zelda commented on Square Enix Prez Stares Into Crystal Ball; See...:

just as i predicted i said it would be coming out in 2011 the day the wii was released and natal and sony's wand being showed at e3 was a even huge hint because if nintendo comes out with a console that has hd graphic's and a new controller (that has to top motion plus) and sony and microsoft are kicked out of the market



Dark_Zelda commented on Bit.Trip Void:

man i thought the first one was hard so i didn't get second because that looked like hell and this looks even worse!