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Mon 17th Jan 2011

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DarkTitanII commented on Fan-Made Petition to Bring Last Story Westward...:

Hello, I’m the Founder of the petition, Michele Larini. I’d like to notice you the important events of these days. First We reach an important achievement, the 7000 signs, a great result in less than a week. And this has been possible only with your help, thank you^^ Second I report you that now, Mr Sakaguchi and the Mistwalker know the petition and our support to him, to the company and to the game. This is the proof of Sakaguchi sama on twitter and there is another from the mistwalker (Gianluca Gus I a man who still work with me for the petition)
Third I notice you that also with your help many video games website report the news. Only for quoting some website, many of the most important website in Italy, Spain and German. And now gonintendo, vg247, some important blog like destructoid and many more. Now we want reach the achievement of publishing the petition on IGN and more important international website. Fourth we reach each place in the world: Germany, Spain, UK, France, Portugal, US, Greece, Russia and Arabian Countries, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, ecc… Then I ask you some more things to help us again: Sign the petition, if you didn’t do it first, publish again and everywhere you can the petition and contact to sign it everyone you know and try to contact website for the publication of the petition link. I remind that this is the link of the petition:
And I remind also the link where you can find all the place where the petition is published:
And, if you want spread this message.