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Tue 5th Jan 2010

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DarkShadow commented on Muscle March Coming to WiiWare on Monday:

With this game coming, I wonder when Namco will give us a Wii Katamari!
The iPod Katamari uses accelerometers and the Wii remote sideways would do it much better. I may get this just because it is like a crazy Japanese game and I love them. The only game I play on my PS2 are the Katamari games. And Katamari Forever is ALMOST enough to make me want a PS3. A Wii one would be great! I do have and love The Munchables, though. Close enough for now.



DarkShadow commented on Sega to Abandon Mature Wii Audience?:

Dead Space was just Uninteresting to me. I couldn't care less about it on the 360. MadWorld is just fun. House of the dead was really good. I like Arcade shooters. The Problem with HoTD and Dead space is that Sega Mistakenly thought that the Mature audience would All like Rail Shooters. I personally do enjoy them, but, I know a lot of people that do not. Sega should focus on making Games that re-create the play style as the other systems. Even Though FPSs are so over done it is sick. I, as well, cannot wait for a Space Channel 5. Even if it uses the Wii Fit board.