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United Kingdom

Mon 11th Jun 2012

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Dannypan commented on Talking Point: The Good and Bad Sides of Moder...:

Nintendo should allow for a more customisable censoring system.
I, personally, am not too fazed by profanity, though I don't want to endure foul mouthed rants from kids every time I play a game. It's crass and juvenile and I'm sure parents don't want their children hearing it either.

Let the user decide the level of moderation. If they don't want to see anything unsavoury then let them make it so they don't. If they're not bothered then go ahead, show them everything.

We don't need censorship between accepted friends on lists, that's a given. Interation between accepted friends should be almost instant.

Also, I like the idea of degrees of moderation through age restrictions. If you're playing an adult game then there's really no need for some language censorship. Though, of course, if you want it on then go ahead.

The 30 minute delay is an acceptable time, if you ask me. I doubt I'll be using my Wii U to make friends anyway.