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Sat 14th June, 2014

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Danny429 commented on Video: Don't Feel Bad If You Self Destruct in ...:

I was playing in a captain falcon ditto and I didn't realize that I was the darker shaded one (we were the same color) and I ran off the right side of the stage which was the side I started on. So you can probably understand why I assumed that I was the one on the left (that is also usually where first player starts in 1v1).



Danny429 commented on Video: Teenagers Try Their Hand at the Origina...:

@OneBagTravel well excuse me but I love playing smash 64. Me and my sister are very competetive in it. It was the first smash game we ever played. We've trained ourselves with that game so much that I went to a friends house once and their dad who was a pro smash player was wrecked by me and my sister as a team against him and his son. And guess what! My and my sister are only 14 and 12! (True he trained more with melee but still, he was like 30 and his son was 15.)