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Male, 15, United States

Sat 14th Jun 2014

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Danny429 commented on Movie Review: Pixels Proves Once Again That Vi...:

@Dakt to be honest, I'm 15 and I have memories of having great times with games like pacman, galaga, pole position, xevious, mappy, etc. Pixels and arcades aren't really that old. And forgive me if someone already responded to this, I didn't really bother to read past the first few comments.



Danny429 commented on Obituary: Satoru Iwata:

I'm waking up to ash and dust
I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust
I'm breathing in the chemicals

I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my systems blow
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Welcome to the new age, to the new age

I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus
This is it, the apocalypse

Edit: yeah this came into my head when I saw the news



Danny429 commented on Nintendo Download: 11th June (North America):

Dr. Mario and the swords and darkness game really peak my interest. And I've been meaning to get Olli Olli. Now that its on sale it seems like the perfect time to do so. Does anyone happen to know how much of a discount it is?