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Tue 13th May, 2014

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Dankykong commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mystical Ninja 2 Starring Goemon:

This is one of the ultimate N64 games. Easily one of my favorites. I've got my n64 cart of it, and I'm assuming this and Mystical Ninja (N64) will come to the WiiU eventually since the SNES & GB one are out for WiiU and 3DS. One of Konami's best, I wish they'd bring him out more and parade him around. Come on already! Japan DS + Mobile only games = poo!



Dankykong commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

I'd prefer a mixture of game downloads and physical items to pick from, but I can't say I'm too bummed out. NES Remix here I come. I'm more curious why they chose to do it this way, if the influx of members from either the 2013 holidays or something or even the MK8 bundle, maybe it's not as effective to send out real world things at this moment? I'm more annoyed that we're gonna have to have a year or more with people whining and complaining about how yet another thing is so awful about the world and Nintendo. As if there isn't enough doom and gloom over pointless crap for Nintendo, this can be added on top.



Dankykong commented on Video: Mario Kart 8 Isn't The Only New Mario K...:

There's a first Mario Kart arcade game (whatever it was called) in Disneyland (California) and it was awesome, but even while I live in LA and there are a handful of arcade I can go to, none of them ever have this. :( Even the other versions



Dankykong commented on It Doesn't Look Like We'll Be Seing Sega Games...:

Not surprised. The VC became not worth it once they decided to release comp disks for PS3 & 360 but sell each game for $5 or more on the Wii individually. The Virtual Console only works for Nintendo games, nearly the entire rest you can get cheap on a comp disk elsewhere or before the WiiU, there was an remake HD alternative to start with for a lot of these games. Sonic's Gensis Collection for PS3 & 360. That covered all the Wii VC and more.



Dankykong commented on Review: Wii Sports Club (Wii U):

Everyone who complained about Wii Sports "where is the online. why is this in standard def still" Now we have Wii Sports Club. Online + HD. What you asked for. Now people say "No way am I paying for that. You need to give it to me for free or for $20" no wonder sales are slow, you idiots always want something for nothing.



Dankykong commented on The Club Nintendo Rewards Are Now Updated for ...:

Shocking to see only 1 crap game this round. Usually it's 2 but come on already with N64 to WiiU VC. But at least the cycle has come around for some (like me), I want DK Jr. I hope more real items restock soon. I don't know how I'll use these mass amounts of coins if they don't restock anything new for 3 years



Dankykong commented on EA Explains Why It's Abandoning Dedicated Hand...:

They keep saying "consoles will cease to exist" basically and the year keeps being pushed forward. Remember "EA says consoles wont exist by 2015" well it's 5 months away and looks like they're not going anywhere. Not to mention the 3DS is nearly always #1 sold game unit in JP, NA and EU over and over, month after month. They try and fuel the doom train, and for what? For the games that fail to run on the computer or that micro charge you $10,000 on your free app for your phone.



Dankykong commented on Iwata's Approval Rating Rises While Miyamoto's...:

Lol @ people saying Project Guard & Giant Robot stunk, when people were rather interested in both and I still see places people are talking good about them. I agree that the treehouse demos looked ridiculous since they were doing terrible, no idea why they always do terrible on purpose like these people have never picked up a game before, but they looked good for $10 download games.



Dankykong commented on Fit Music for Wii U:

Wait... this is getting a physical version? Or is it just showing that as an image placeholder for this website? lol



Dankykong commented on E3 2014: No DLC In The Works For Content-Rich ...:

Uhhh isn't there Princess Peach & Zelda related stuff inside the Bayonetta box? So that chops off more reason for DLC and is sorta DLC on it's own. Either way this doesn't feel like one that really needs DLC anyway. It didn't for the first version, did it? I don't think anyway.



Dankykong commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U eShop Games - Summer...:

Agreed with others, DuckTales has a physical version, of which I have, also Wii Sports Club is going to have a physical version for the west in July so that makes that one awkward too. Trine 2, Knytt Underground, Cloudberry Kingdom, or Unepic anyone? This Bumpie's thing needs to be put to rest. It's like the one eShop game I'm really sick and tied of seeing cause anyone I know who's attempted it says it's weird and who's even going to actually play it?