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United Kingdom

Wed 23rd Jul 2008

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danik commented on Review: Wii Sports: Resort (Wii):

Got my copy today and i have to say im loving it! Thought i really wasnt going to like cycling and basketball as they have had their critics but basketball to me is really good and cycling is still quite fun to play even if its controls dont really utilise wii mostion +. Very happy with my purchase and impressed by the wii motion plus.



danik commented on EU WiiWare Update: Texas Hold'em Tournament:

@starwolf_UK. I feel your pain. i had a time where i was downloading a fair few wiware titles (some bad ones before i found this site) but i must admit i havnt been on my wii shop to get some new wiware titles in ages as theres just not enough good games coming out for it.

500 points aint bad for this, looks reasonable, mainly due to online support. not sure ill get it. see what the review is like first.



danik commented on Wii Storage Solution Solved - Finally A Use Fo...:

just got the update and tested it out and ive got to say im pretty happy with it! i always thought they should have channels with a mixture on main storage and sd card storage but never thought off seperating them into a new channel section but it works well and allows you to organise your games in one section and other stuff eg mi channel, internet channel into another section on the main storage. Im sure there's a few little tweaks and changes could be done to make it even better but i think its sorted out the problem it needed to so very happy with nintendo.



danik commented on Review: High Voltage Hot Rod Show (WiiWare):

Great review looks pretty good but dont think its good enough for me to buy unless i get really bored of my other games and fancy a cheap racer which is hard to see happening at the moment with call of duty online and guitar hero world tour to play! I think if it had online play i would have probalay bought it as it gives it a lasting appeal to go back and play again! Still i can see it doing pretty well



danik commented on EU WiiWare Update: World Of Goo And Lots More!:

Not a bad week at all, probalay wont get any of them to be honest lol but overall a really good week for ppl especially if you love world of goo! I wished there was 4 released every 2 weeks!



danik commented on Allied Kingdoms Interview - Planet Pachinko:

Looks pretty weird but were on a roll for games coming that arent puzzlers so thats great although again i dont think id get this as im not huge platformer fan but ive known to have change my mind lol



danik commented on Review: Target Toss Pro: Bags (WiiWare):

was suprised it got a 6 but im sure some people will like it. Im too busy with shaun white and call of duty so somehow i think im going to give it a miss lol even though i wouldnt get it even if i didnt have them to play. cheers for the review though



danik commented on Hudson's Upcoming WiiWare Games Revealed:

Looking good! not really interested in the snooker game as i have midnight pool and i havnt got a clue what pit crew panic is all about lol. Snowboard riot could be a good though with the fact theres weapons involved although i am already going to own shaun white.



danik commented on EU WiiWare Update: Alien Crush Returns, Brain ...:

Good week for releases! i have just recieved wii 2000 wii points aswell so good timing! Think i will have to try out space invaders as i have been looking forward 2 it even tho its going to cost 1500 in the end worth seeing wot its like for 500 points and maybe get brain challenge for my other half.



danik commented on Brand New Sorcery Blade Game Play Video:

im not the biggest rpg fan really, but i think this looks interesting to be honest and will defintley keep an eye on it although i would be suprised if this was released outside japan but you never know.



danik commented on Tetris Party Released On WiiWare In Japan:

Tetris party is very likely to be getting downloaded to my machine, also maybe brain challenge for mrs n all if its any good, not sure about darts if it comes out over here.



danik commented on Review: World of Goo (WiiWare):

Great score still not sure i would purchase it as it doesnt sounds too much like a game for me but i think its obviously going to do well.

Thanks for the review