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Tue 3rd September, 2013

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DanielRMuriel commented on Nintendo Download: 27th February (North America):

I'm sure there is a reason why I'm not getting any of my favorite games on the Virtual Console. Licensing issues, maybe. Something far more in-depth that I just can't comprehend, being on the outside looking in, but I have not purchased anything from Nintendo (sans Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze) in the past few months. And I REALLY want to. I was not even planning on buying the Donkey Kong game because I had almost entirely given up hope on the company, but I saw a Let's Play video that showed me the game was actually good. A video that Nintendo will not let them reap the benefits of any monetization with. I'm losing faith in the big N, and I don't want to. It sucks.



DanielRMuriel commented on Dan Adelman - Nintendo is "Very Much Aware" of...:

This is one of the most important things that, I feel, Nintendo is getting wrong. Steam has been my long-time favorite in terms of this type of game-purchasing system. I bought games years, and years ago. I can still access and download those games no matter where I am or what PC I am using. It's convenient and, in the long run, is a better deal for the consumer. Nintendo needs to emulate this process or they will be left in the dust. Right now I am trying to support N in their time of need buy purchasing games that I could have easily played for free via other methods. If they refuse to change with the times, though, we will see how much longer their long-time fans and supporters can deal with such a broken eShop system.