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Tue 11th Feb 2014

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DanielPrimed commented on Interview: Daniel Johnson Discusses His Critic...:

Hey, I'm Daniel Johnson. I wrote Game Design Companion. @_@

@Spoony - No worries. I saw your comment on one of the news articles. I'm wrapped that you've enjoyed the book so much!

@Genesaur - I'm a big fan of Jeremy's work, but I haven't read much of his Anatomy of the Game series. I suspect that it's quite similar too. He's been following the Wario book for a while and was the first person to cover us pre-release, which is cool.

@TruenoGT - I find it to be the opposite. The more you learn, the more you can appreciate the magic.

@Philip_J_Reed - Glad you like it. The second half of the book is a big step up from the first.

@Saphis - I cover narrative as it's own topic and also through the moment-to-moment gameplay. I think that you'll find that my approach is very gameplay/interaction-orientated, which is somewhat different to how most writers discuss game narrative.

@sketchturner - I still have plans, but I'm yet to settle on an appropriate format for the book.

@sackferret - I got a 3DS for Christmas and I'm trying to take it out with me when I go to the city, so maybe I'll see you on the local Mii scene!