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United Kingdom

Wed 8th Apr 2009

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Dan_C commented on Review: Flower, Sun and Rain (DS):

I'm a really big fan of Goichi Suda's work, and I tried hard to really enjoy this game. The main problem with a game that relies heavily on dialogue is that it needs to ensure the dialogue is entertaining. While the dialogue is bizarre, if it isn't striking a chord with you then it's doing quite the opposite. Doubled with the annoying gobbledygook 'speech' sound effect and you've got one very irritating main focus.

The main game mechanic is weak, repetitive and at one point I almost likened it to some kind of simple data-finding exam you might get at primary school or an entry-level foreign language exam. Not what many people would find as entertainment.

Which is why the cheerful and quirky take on classic music was a highlight. I concede that sometimes it's so overplayed it can grate, but it's not the game's downfall.

The problem with any Suda51 game is - like Marmite - you either love it or hate it.