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United Kingdom

Tue 12th Mar 2013

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DanTerraDev commented on Terra Incognita Could Come To The Wii U If Kic...:

Thanks to those of you that are not immediately writing off my game, my labour of love.
OK so! The game WAS started in 2012 on the RPG engine, it was too limited so I moved on. I like the simplicity of the engine so we took ideas from it and made our own engine. Terra Incognita now runs on a custom engine, we are going for 16bit mega drive-esque graphics, With sharper character sprites.
I am one guy....I have a tiny little dev team here. So £500 was for a windows PC release. People wanted more, so more £££ came in. Then Nintendo contacted me. So now I'm moving forward and working my arose off with it. So to people mocking RPG engine, go play with the RGSS code and learn Ruby from it, it helped me learn to do what I love. If not for an engine like the RPG engine, I wouldn't be doing what I love.
To end my list, thanks to supporters, I'm a noon developer but I know rpgs ! I grew up with classic RPGs and I will make Terra Incognita fun, addictive, nostalgic and a really great experience.
Dan S