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Mon 26th July, 2010

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Daisaku36 commented on Feature: The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Direct...:

" we certainly hope that exciting Wii U-exclusive modes"
Yeah, I think there will be some Wii U-exclusive modes. I don't really mind if there isn't a special Wii U only mode for the game, because fighters on a handheld game are useless in my mind and I won't buy it on 3DS, but I think there might be a special mode for Wii U.



Daisaku36 commented on EA Boss Peter Moore Apologises For Frostbite's...:

I always found it weird how the head of the company that doesn't put games on Nintendo systems (for the most part) used to work for rivals Sega and Microsoft. I guess we should trust a company headed by a person like that to put effort into Nintendo consoles...
And before you say "What about Sony?" their consoles didn't compete with Sega like Nintendo's did.



Daisaku36 commented on Smartphone Game Market Shows Impressive Growth...:

@retro_player_22 your post was well though-out and correct. I, however, was trolling. I completely disagree with the notion that Nintendo needs to go third party. It seems like articles such as this imply Nintendo needs to put content on devices other than its own, which isn't nearly as attractive as it sounds at first. Regardless, I think your post stands on its own as to why Mobile gaming and Nintendo don't mix quite as well as people like to assert.



Daisaku36 commented on Nintendo Shows Off April's Game Boy Advance Wi...:

Can't wait to play GBA games on my Wii U, I missed out on a lot of them and lost the few I owned (including Zero Mission and Fusion). I hope Nintendo never releases these games to non-ambassadors, just so you people complaining will have to buy a Wii U to play them.



Daisaku36 commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

Yeah, the Wii changed everything! /sarcasm

Seriously, though, NL used the GamePad very well; it's too bad Wii U had horrible press from the jump and Nintendo did little to combat said press, otherwise people would be less down on games like Nintendo Land. I'd argue it's as good a use for the GamePad as Wii Sports was for the Wii Remote; and until SS, the Wii Remote was pretty poorly used. It's funny how people forget that...