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Mon 6th Apr 2009

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dagreenone commented on Ten Game Boy Games You Should Be Playing:

wow the hatred by all the pokemon fans. Relax guys, its probably number 11 or something.

The only game I'm surprised about not seeing is Dr. Mario. An amazing puzzle game made better by being portable.



dagreenone commented on More Guitar Hero Spin-offs are on the Way:

@ Terranigma, so your saying the hate is from the price?? Weird.
People can just not buy them. I mean, I recently jumped onto the series and picked up Guitar Hero 2, 3 and Aerosmith plus 2 guitars, All Brand New, for a little over $45.



dagreenone commented on Talking Point: Could The Conduit Be in for a R...:

"With past ‘hardcore’ failures like No More Heroes, House of Dead: Overkill and (more recently) Madworld."

haha, what? If these games are failures, then I don't want to know what success looks like. What are they wanting Wii Play numbers??



dagreenone commented on Retail Success Eludes GTA: Chinatown Wars:

It will continue to sell over time. What's the big rush to 200,000? It is still too new, I know I am not going to pay full price for a brand new game. This article needs to be made in like 6 months (not a month after release) to actually give a true picture if it is a success or not.



dagreenone commented on id Chief: "Show Me Why I Should Develop For Wii":

If id doesn't want to develop for the wii, that is there own business, however it should be noted that their previous hits are already hugely popular on the homebrew scene.
Doom and Quake are already available on the wii via the homebrew channel. Using the wiimote/nunchuck control scheme is a very natural fit.



dagreenone commented on Review: Game & Watch Collection (DS):

3 Game & Watch games?? C'mon, a DS cart can easily hold all 59. Easily. Rating this a 6/10 is extremely generous.

Its going to be great when Nintendo actually puts something really good up for 800 coins, and people won't be able to afford it because they spent their coins on this.



dagreenone commented on Wii Manufacturing Cost Reduced by 45%:

Nintendo is not making as much profits as you guys are thinking. The Yen is a much stronger than the weak American dollar. From the launch in December 2006 to December 2008, the value of the pound fell by 43 percent against the yen, and, in the same period of time, the U.S. dollar and euro fell against the British pound 22 and 18 percent, respectively. In other words, while Nintendo is keeping their console steady at $250 they have actually been making less money thanks to US inflation.



dagreenone commented on The N64 and Nintendo’s Fall From Grace:

The 64 was an excellent console for its time, the problem is that a lot of its games have not aged well at all. Take for instance Goldeneye and Mario Kart, everybody loved these two games. However playing them today is not the same, they are completely bland. (IMO Goldeneye died as soon as Perfect Dark was release way back in 2000).



dagreenone commented on Review: Odama (GCN):

I remember having so much difficulty on the third or fourth stage. It really bothered me because it was such a fun game and I could get through the stages before rather quickly only to be stuck on the fourth.

I think I'll try the game again. Part of the problem was it having a hard time recognizing my commands.