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Sat 31st Jan 2009

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DAFOLI commented on Review: Pop Them, Drop Them SameGame (WiiWare):

Thank you all for the welcome! After playing the single player mode of the game i must say that it is quite addictive since you keep playing until game over and it certainly deserves 8/10. I also loved the changeable backgrounds!



DAFOLI commented on Review: Lonpos (WiiWare):

I have made the mistake and bought this game before this review! The game is descent, below average for a puzzle game, and definitely not worth its prize. As far as the DLC is concerned unacceptable (if you ever succeed in connecting with the game's 'virtual shop'.



DAFOLI commented on Review: World of Goo (WiiWare):

Dear all. I am very happy that i joined the community of wiiware site. I just have a question about this wonderful game. In the review it says that you can always replay the levels in order to imrove your time. Hou are you supposed to do that when the game doesn't keep track of your best time? when you end a level it says your time taken your moves but nothing about your best. so far i have only played first world. Thank you very much for your valuable help and this wonderful site which supports so much the wiiware games!