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Sat 16th November, 2013

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Daemonite commented on Bayonetta 2 Listed for Summer Release in Japan:

@wayward multi platform, off course ;)
Highly doubt the studio is going to let years of hard work on this game go to waste by just releasing this exclusively on the WiiU (and make little to no profit, or just break even). It will probably go multiplat like Rayman Legends did...



Daemonite commented on Nintendo Reports Financial Losses As Expected,...:

C'mon Nintendo, 3.6m WiiU's to sell in 12 months??? You REALLY aren't trying anymore, are you. Well, you can't blame the gamers (casual/hardcore) for not caring about Nintendo these days... (Nintendo: " we coooooome !!!" lol :))



Daemonite commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's E3 Plans Are Full of...:

Seriously, what secret projects are left for Nintendo to announce on the WiiU? Aside from a 'new' Zelda game, another Metroid game or perhaps a Mario sequel... Nintendo has already played all their cards, and 3rd party support is near death for WiiU... How can anyone be excited about this?



Daemonite commented on Nintendo Shows Off April's Game Boy Advance Wi...:

Yes i sooooo want to play GBA games i played a thousand times before, but this time on a non-portable device! I'll even pay a higher price than a physical copy! i mean, who wouldn't, right?!? Nintendo, you sure know what fans want!



Daemonite commented on Ronimo Games: PS4 And Xbox One Are More Of The...:

Of course they praise the WiiU.... They're not gonna talk bad about it, right before the release of their game on that particular console! When it turns out it sold like ****, THAT'S when you'll hear their actual sentiments towards Nintendo!