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Wed 23rd Jan 2008

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DaBargainHunta commented on Review: Sonic Classic Collection (DS):

@Starwolf_UK: The game is DSi-enhanced? Where did you hear that? Not saying I don't believe you, just wondering where you saw that bit of info because this is the first I've heard of it.

Anyway, good review. I have the game and like it a lot, but I'd agree with the comments and score.



DaBargainHunta commented on Netflix Lean Towards Wii For Success:

I disagree, nintendoduffin. Netflix is ONE company, a single entity - which means it should be singular, not plural. I know you're from the UK and go by a different set of grammatical rules, but it is my opinion that the American way is correct in this case.



DaBargainHunta commented on Netflix Lean Towards Wii For Success:

You're preaching to the choir, warioswoods. I agree with the American rule and prefer it, but right or wrong, whether we like it or not, the English (meaning the country of England) style of grammar is different on this point. The entire country does it that way, not just the author of this piece.



DaBargainHunta commented on Netflix Lean Towards Wii For Success:

warioswoods, it's a difference between the American and English styles of grammar. In the U.S., what you say is correct (and, IMO, it's correct overall), but the English system is different.



DaBargainHunta commented on The Legendary Starfy Avatar Contest Winner:

Congrats to RacoonMario. I was hoping to at least make the top 20, but something as understated as my avatar will either capture a person's attention or get overlooked entirely - depending on taste - so I understand. I definitely hope we have more contests like this in the future.



DaBargainHunta commented on Mighty Flip Champs Coming June 1st:

Mighty Flip Champs is easily the best game on the DSiWare service. I saved up my free points for it.

I always expected it to be 800 points. In a way, I'm surprised it wasn't more.

MFC and Paper Plane are the best 1000 points I didn't have to spend.



DaBargainHunta commented on Review: Job Island: Hard Working People (Wii):

I have been intrigued by the concept ever since I first heard about it. Well, I finally got the game tonight, thanks in part to this website's positive review.

So far, so good. I'm really enjoying myself.

BTW, yes, it is called "Help Wanted" in the U.S.



DaBargainHunta commented on Excitebots Crashes Out At Retail:

This article is absurd. There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with the North American gaming public. Excitebots was ridiculously overrated by the internet, and it makes perfect sense that "the public" would tune out a cheesy looking sequel with "bots" in it. Plus, has N even bothered to advertise this thing? No. They have only themselves to blame for poor sales.



DaBargainHunta commented on Review: P.N.03 (GCN):

A 3?!?!?! Can we please get someone who actually understands what this game is all about. Worst score since the IGN God Hand debacle.

Seriously, I can understand why this might not be someone's cup of tea - but a 3 is ridiculous any way you cut it.



DaBargainHunta commented on Jumpman:

This is NOTHING like Donkey Kong. Holy poo, if this comes to the U.S., it will be one of the biggest VC events EVER for me! Jumpman is an AMAZING game!