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Look guys Diddy did a combo!!!!!

Male, United Kingdom

Cap'n Falcon - Dash grab, down throw, any ariel, extreme combo game. Diddy - Hoo HAH, HAHAHAHAHA Yoshi - Egg, Dash attack, u-air/f-air/n-air Villager - YOU FELL FOR ME RUSE YA LITTLE SCRUB Ike - HULK SMASH!!! little mac - 'I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM DOING!!!!'

Thu 20th March, 2014

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DThrow_UAir commented on Super Smash Bros. Evo 2015 Champ ZeRo Is Join...:

@Rhydas 'probably worse than him' xD there is no probably when it comes to zero, zero wins. xD
This guy didnt lose ONE GAME during all of evo, and around 1800 people entered, that is insane. He has the right to be cocky, and im glad that he has a solid sponsor now. anyone who likes competetive smash should subscribe to his youtube its very good.



DThrow_UAir commented on Video: Mario is Unreal in This New Take on The...:

It looks amazing, but its wierd because its like someone just took a mario model and put it into bloodborne. I personally think super mario 3d world looks amazing too.

a company really needs to hire this guy though his work is amazing.



DThrow_UAir commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

@DoctorWily No, that's not 'copying' its called a market and nobody should be able to own a control stick or a d-pad, its not good for the consumer. If Nintendo were the only hardware company we would all be playing on much more inferior hardware, probably still running gamecube graphics because apparently the only thing that pushes Nintendo's graphics capability is competition. Also, lets not forget how Nintendo didn't invent the touch screen or motion controls, yet nobody claims they copied people.

The fanboy's in this comment section need to realize that competition in a market is a good thing.



DThrow_UAir commented on Interview: Lilian "Milktea" Chen Talks Smash B...:

I still wonder why it is that less women get into competitive gaming, and why women seem to place lower than men in the majority of e-sports. I think it may have something to do with the fact that women are discouraged from playing games when they are younger (due to social expectations) and so have less experience. I think one of the most high-placing women in e-sports is Scarlett in StarCraft2, and starcraft is transgender, which raises the question if there is anything biological which gauges our ability to play games? Maybe its such a big social stigma for women to play e-sports, so that many potentially great female gamers decide against pursuing e-sports

It is also great to see more female smashers in smash4, such as Officer Jenny and Nicole.



DThrow_UAir commented on Playtonic Wants Yooka-Laylee To Eclipse Banjo-...:

@TheRealThanos The abilities in a hat in time are different, yooka-laylee (so far) is just the same as banjo, i want to see innovation in the genre (ala mario galaxy) not just rehashed shiny old games.

Also the dev team does not consist of 95% the original devs, (im sure there are less than 20 people working on this) 95% of their dev team worked on banjo, big difference. They might not have contributed anything which made banjo how great it is. And a hat in time's gameplay is not simialr to sunshine, the graphics and the FIRST level are similar that is where the similarities end.

Im not trying to shut this game down, im just saying to look at other games like a hat in time that are coming out soon, and we can see a much more fleshy platformer



DThrow_UAir commented on Playtonic Wants Yooka-Laylee To Eclipse Banjo-...:

Also why do people assume that the game is going to be great? Other Rare developers have split out, and many have made just mediocre games (although stuff like timesplitters was amazing). People should have a look at A Hat In Time, looks just as good as this does and is out very soon, and has a more original character.



DThrow_UAir commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

Its not just consumers at fault, consumers are on a budget and i wont buy a game on impulse for more than £10. Also, due to the now massive indie market, and all the competition it is now indies holding other indies back, in the end there is TOO much competition and that sends prices into the dirt, in the same way there are too many books for new authors to get noticed.



DThrow_UAir commented on Poll: Which 2015 Nintendo Blockbusters Should ...:

@RQuinain I agree, i think most amiibo support will just be costumes ect. and that isn't a terrible thing, id rather get a figure with access to lots of costumes than pay for costume DLC.

Also, please no amiibo support for zeldaU, that game needs to be pure, never DLC for Zelda

I still haven't bought an amiibo, if i see a gannondorf one i would buy it but apart from that, until the in-game use of them increases im staying out.



DThrow_UAir commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Apex Champion Call...:

@MasterBlaster Good for you, you are so cool wow i cant believe that you are so hip and dislike an e-sport wow good for you, all the girls must love you.

@DarkKirby As a devote follower of ZeRo, i think it is unfair to say that he is biased to smash4, he is a very good melee player, and still regularly places in top 10's of big tournaments. He played better at brawl but was never on the level he is at smash4. I agree with him, there is space for both games. I personally prefer melee at the moment, but c'mon smash 4 has been out for less than half a year, melee competetive was garbage before 2 years.

There is still perfect pivoting to explore as well as other techs. Both games can get on with each other and respect the different aspects. What would be the point in Sakurai making melee 2.0 when melee is perfect at what it does, it is better for us to get a different sort of game.