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Tue 20th Mar 2012

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DT-Fox commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Tournament Final Announced:

@DRAE_nmhar I'd beg to differ. Aside from trying a stage or two of Single Player in the Orlando preview/tourney, the only amount of practice I got before the official matches was the Weapon testing and Practice round right before the match. Oddly enough, I managed to pass the Elimination round without knowing what I was supposed to do (I thought the goal was whichever team won, not whoever got the most points). And then, I just went in on it following my own intuitions on what'll get me the most points during the finals (Dash and dodge like crazy, stay on the offensive and stick close to your opponenet, go after the angel the moment he appears, and hope for the best).

Lo and behold, I landed 2nd place and the trip up to NYC. To this day, I'm convinced my win was 95% luck. But I'm not complaining. I'm looking forward to the competition up in New York.

(And this is Davion from the Orlando, FL tourney)