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I like to game a lot.Though,I'm more of a hardcore-casual mix.So,who's up for a match in Brawl?

Mon 17th September, 2012

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Drobotic commented on Sonic Boom Release Dates Are Confirmed for Wii...:

It's not like that.First off,this is not being developed by Sonic Team,so the Nintendo comparison is invalid.Second,it's a spin-off,so it doesn't have to be exactly like your old beloved Sonic,which is the point @rjejr made.Big Red Button is going to do their own thing with this game and its okay for them to do so.People from Naughty Dog are working on the game.I have faith in it.



Drobotic commented on The Legend of Korra Turn-Based SRPG Bending it...:

If it gets on Steam I'll buy it on there.But it's a bad thing that publishers skipping Wii U releases is now the norm,even for licensed games based on TV shows along with AAA titles.Nintendo needs to step it up in terms of support.



Drobotic commented on E3 2014: Ubisoft Admits to Holding Back Comple...:

Third party games would probably sell on the Wii U if the third parties actually acknowledged that a Wii U version of the game is actually available.Example:Activision never showed the Wii U under the consoles Black Ops II was available for in the advertisements.The games and hardware would probably sell if they actually promoted them.Same goes for both third parties and Nintendo.



Drobotic commented on LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Looks Out of This...:

After what they did with the Justice League barely showing up and naming the last game "DC Super Heroes",I think they should have just done LEGO Justice League or start a new LEGO DC super hero game.If they were to do another standalone DC LEGO game,I'd want it to be a 4-player co-op Teen Titans game based off of the original show.Or just a new regular one.I'm getting off-topic.



Drobotic commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

Yay,another same-sex marriage debate.Anything new?Anyway,I don't see the problem with adding same-sex marriage to the game since other games like The Sims have it.They probably removed the same-sex marriage because some countries have it banned or have strong opinions about it.So I don't think they're on either side in this fight.



Drobotic commented on Former Criterion Boss Alex Ward Laments Issues...:

The problem with third parties is that they often don't see the Wii U as a next gen or worthwhile console.They think they are forced to use the GamePad or don't have enough power with the system.A lot of third parties are running scared from making or publishing games for the Wii U because Nintendo cannot market their own system outside of Japan and get better sales from doing so.Nintendo should show how much power and what options and capabilities the console has before they start digging their own grave.It can't go on with limited promotion of the games,the system,and third parties just refusing to make games on it because of their misconceptions of the consoles because Nintendo isn't showing what you can do with the Wii U.But to be honest,the Wii didn't have a lot of third party games,but it still sold because of the great exclusives and the new controller it had.So for the good of the company,they need to get it together.



Drobotic commented on Nintendo UK Launches a New "Nintendo Girls Clu...:

Nintendo should just try to appeal to ALL gamers.I haven't seen any advertisements for The Wonderful 101,and that's one of the most "hardcore" games I've played.That's why the Wii U isn't selling.They keep thinking they can appeal to casuals even though iOS and Android is dominating the casual market.The whole idea of having a different anything made specifically for females just sounds sexist to me.



Drobotic commented on A Sonic Boom Game is Dashing Towards Wii U and...:

To answer some questions,this is a new branch in the Sonic series and DOES NOT replace modern Sonic.Sega has officially said that on their Facebook page.Overall,I have a lot more hype for this than I have for any Sonic game since Colors.I like how it looks and the co-op thing is great,too.Knuckle's new design is......ehhhh.But I can get used to it as it is in a different canon,as it seems.The cartoon looks great as well.Good thing it's on CN,too.That's the only channel I regularly watch everyday,honestly.Hope both the game and cartoon end up being great.