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Fri 28th October, 2011

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DRL commented on Review: Titan Attacks (3DS eShop):

Maybe it's because I played it right after Resogun, Velocity 2X, Stardust Delta and Geometry Wars 3, but I couldn't get into this game. Nothing about it seemed all that bad, just wasn't the right speed for me at the time. I'd say @moomootown got it right on the money here.



DRL commented on Review: Paparazzi (Wii U eShop):

@Aviator @AlexSora89 Truthfully, I don't know anything about Lady Gaga. I know she has a song that mentions paparazzi in the chorus, but that's about it. Sounds like I missed a prime opportunity for a punny tagline by being out of touch with pop music. Such a shame. :p



DRL commented on Guide: Collecting All the Gems in Captain Toad...:

@NintyMan It was definitely a challenge, there's no question about that! Thankfully, I had Tom's help when I ran into any toad-blocks (sorry, couldn't resist).

Anyway, I hope the guide helps you to acquire those last few elusive gems. :)



DRL commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mickey Speedway USA:

Fun game. Runs smooth, controls are tight, and the multiplayer is decent. The wife and I often have N64 race-offs, and we always look forward to our time with Mickey's Speedway. It's not a spectacular kart racer, but it's very good filler.



DRL commented on Nintendo 64x64: Forsaken:

Very happy to see Forsaken acknowledged. This game kind of blew my mind when it launched. I remember renting it with some buddies the weekend after it came out. I spent the night over their place and one of them was displeased that I wouldn't put the controller down to go participate in a little late-night basketball. I ended up playing Forsaken with his little brother all darn night. The world was spinning come morning.



DRL commented on Nintendo 64x64: Killer Instinct Gold:

@Dreamcaster-X Yeah, I'm obsessive when it comes to keeping my games clean. I think there's damage done to the contacts that I didn't notice when I bought it. It's always taken a few tries to get going but now nothing seems to work.



DRL commented on Nintendo 64x64: Killer Instinct Gold:

Ugh. It had to be KI: Gold today, didn't it? I was looking through my N64 collection yesterday and was immensely bummed when I realized that my copy of Gold doesn't work anymore. The world is a cruel place, you can't deny it.

Anyway, this game is pretty great. Pretty....killer. :)



DRL commented on Nintendo 64x64: F-Zero X:

The wife and I come back to F-Zero X more than any other N64 racer. It's spectacular. If we get a new F-Zero game and it doesn't have a rippin' rock soundtrack or comic book-style artwork, I'm going to be gutted.



DRL commented on Nintendo 64x64: Wave Race 64:

I can't get over how great this game holds up. Whenever I spend a weekend afternoon in my retro game room, I find it hard to resist popping Wave Race in the N64. It's just pure fun.



DRL commented on Nintendo 64x64: Beetle Adventure Racing:

Beetle Adventure Racing was one of the first retro reviews that I contributed to Nintendo Life. It's such a superb game. F-zero X, Ridge Racer 64, the Rush games, and BAR are easily my fave non-Kart racers for the Nintendo 64.



DRL commented on Mario Kart 64:

This game is incredibly fun with friends, but I preferred Diddy Kong Racing when the option was available. Outside of the hovercraft, which required a good deal of finesse, I thought DKR's controls were much tighter. I always felt like I was slipping around in Kart 64.



DRL commented on First Impressions: Solving the Puzzle of Capta...:

Thanks for the report, @zipmon! I'm crazy excited for this one. It's funny, about a year ago I was telling my wife that it would be nice to see Mario, Luigi, Princess, and Toad all with their own distinct 3D series — looks like we're just about there! Now we just need a Peach game that plays like a cross between an RTS and Animal Crossing, allowing players to oversee and assist with the problems of the Mushroom Kingdom. Man, that could be rad. :)



DRL commented on Review: Tomodachi Life (3DS):

Great review, @Damo. You addressed all my curiosities. I'm not entirely convinced that I'm going to like it, but I'm gonna give it a chance anyway. :)



DRL commented on Play: Mario Golf: World Tour in the NLife Masters:

@Sherman — Practice, practice, practice. :) Plus, having star characters will allow you to reach the green much easier. I scored a -14 on my first try with Yoshi. Second try I went with star Mario and had a -20. I had many more eagles on that run because I could often eliminate a stroke while getting to the green.