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Fri 28th October, 2011

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DRL commented on Mario Kart 64:

This game is incredibly fun with friends, but I preferred Diddy Kong Racing when the option was available. Outside of the hovercraft, which required a good deal of finesse, I thought DKR's controls were much tighter. I always felt like I was slipping around in Kart 64.



DRL commented on First Impressions: Solving the Puzzle of Capta...:

Thanks for the report, @zipmon! I'm crazy excited for this one. It's funny, about a year ago I was telling my wife that it would be nice to see Mario, Luigi, Princess, and Toad all with their own distinct 3D series — looks like we're just about there! Now we just need a Peach game that plays like a cross between an RTS and Animal Crossing, allowing players to oversee and assist with the problems of the Mushroom Kingdom. Man, that could be rad. :)



DRL commented on Review: Tomodachi Life (3DS):

Great review, @Damo. You addressed all my curiosities. I'm not entirely convinced that I'm going to like it, but I'm gonna give it a chance anyway. :)



DRL commented on Play: Mario Golf: World Tour in the NLife Masters:

@Sherman — Practice, practice, practice. :) Plus, having star characters will allow you to reach the green much easier. I scored a -14 on my first try with Yoshi. Second try I went with star Mario and had a -20. I had many more eagles on that run because I could often eliminate a stroke while getting to the green.



DRL commented on Review: Yoshi's New Island (3DS):

@DestinyMan - After playing majority of Yoshi's New Island, I went back to play Yoshi DS and ended up enjoying it more than I ever have. And to be clear, I wasn't a big fan of that installment.



DRL commented on Review: Pinball (Wii U eShop / NES):

@Philip_J_Reed - Thanks man. I had fun with this one for review, but only in short bursts. I remember it being a ball as a kid!

And to the rest of you mentioning the 3DS, YES, this would be much better on the go. Nice for short bursts of play.



DRL commented on Review: Jewel Adventures (DSiWare):

@Morphtorok - I can't say for certain, but I can say that when the glitches weren't present, the puzzle action was pretty enjoyable. That said, I still wouldn't want anyone to have to go through what I did, so it's hard to award too much praise here. If someone feels compelled to play it, and doesn't mind risking $5, then I'm not going to stop them. :)



DRL commented on Review: Jewel Adventures (DSiWare):

@Nintendojuenger - Wouldn't beating a puzzle game without challenge compromise the integrity of the experience, as well? And regardless of the classes, the difficulty shouldn't only be present on a single level here and there. It would literally go from being a breeze to play, to one beyond-challenging stage, then right back to being easy as pie. If the classes mean something, they should mean something in a much more substantial manner.

But like I said in the review, take away the glitches, which were obviously much more frequent for me, and you'd have a recommendation.The core gameplay is actually very fun. Those glitches, were they frustrating. :(

@bezerker99 - Sorry about that, man. ;)



DRL commented on Review: Jewel Adventures (DSiWare):

@True_Hero @Morphtorok That's very, very odd. I played a lot longer than I expected to and it was a common occurrence for me. It didn't matter if I restarted the system, rebooted the game, or exited to the menus; it would always happen at some point. It did happen less on classic mode, though.



DRL commented on Review: Jewel Adventures (DSiWare):

@Eisenbolan - A health bar for the enemies would've been very beneficial. Have you been experiencing glitches like I've detailed in this review? They became more common the further I progressed into the game.