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Fri 15th Jun 2012

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DM1 commented on Angry Birds Creator Cites Nintendo and Miyamot...:

He's gotta be bluffing, Angry Birds is the exact opposite of a Nintendo game. It's a reskin of an already existing genre, little innovation, probably one of the biggest sellout IP's in the history of video games, and overall, pretty mindless.

Angry Birds is more of an icon slapped on merchandise than it is a game, I'd bet this is some sort of half assed effort to reach out to classic game fans or something.



DM1 commented on Swords & Soldiers Battling Its Way To 3DS eSho...:

Ronimo's pretty great, and I hope because they're still interested in porting their games to Nintendo consoles they'll consider porting Awesomenauts to the Wii U. It has to be one of my favorite online games, and it has so much potential on the Wii U.