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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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dk_xcalibur commented on Wisconsin To Tax Digital Downloads:

Maybe I'm the only one but I have no problem paying taxes on this. If I went to the store and bought a Wii points card then I would be hit with a sales tax so I have no problem with getting taxed by my state for downloading points.

@post 51: Calm down, you're not going to get taxed on points you already own. No need to rush out and spend them this second just because future points will be taxed.



dk_xcalibur commented on Publishers Remain Tight-Lipped On Black Monday...:

I was also looking to download Samurai Shodown II this past Monday. I'm going by a "believe it when I see it" mentality about Nintendo's VC/WW from now on. We'll see what's released this Monday?????

I got burnt by the delayed release of Dr. Mario and now SS II



dk_xcalibur commented on USA VC Update: Chase HQ and Art of Fighting 2:

@ DEMON212

The United States government hates autistic people? What the hell are you talking about?

Some people don't have the ability to buy every VC and have to be more careful about what they download. To those people these games are not good.



dk_xcalibur commented on LostWinds:

Everyone is saying 3 hours so it would take me around 4 hours since I play games slower then most and that comes out to $2.50 per hour. That's not a bad price. I don't know if I'll download it though. I was mad when I loaded up the shop channel only to find that Dr. Mario was not available yet.



dk_xcalibur commented on Volleyball:

One of the worst games every made! I still have the cartridge sitting in my attic somewhere. Do not download this game.