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Tue 14th Jul 2009

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DjPhatskillz commented on Review: Final Fantasy (Virtual Console / NES):

"Adamant gushes about the original version of Final Fantasy 1 in a way that sounds epically insane" its like hearing stravinsky talk about music or copernicus talk about space. the dude is a old school gaming wizard.



DjPhatskillz commented on Renegade:

lol i really love this game... i love the levels where you fight wave after wave of girls with the purses lol



DjPhatskillz commented on Gate of Thunder:

so sick! so so sick! the power ups are rad, i even use the green one and i usually hate green power ups in shooters. This is my new one quarter game after i flipped Raiden Fighter Jets, so i spend hours training on this bad boy. Great music, i just wish it was louder!



DjPhatskillz commented on Lords of Thunder:

i am a big fan of heavy metal. this game is metal. idk what to say bout this game, i love it so much. It like being asked what it is about pizza that you like. the only answer is "EVERYTHING"



DjPhatskillz commented on Air Zonk:

The game is a must own for the soundtrack, i downloaded it (the soundtrack) and i play it LOUD when i'm driving around my town to freak the hipsters out. As for game play it is a little blocky and i find that the sprites are a little to big for my liking. The originality of this game is impressive enough to offer mad replay value; the power ups offer so much fun you will want to keep playing to see what crazy weapon you will get next. If your a fan of shooters cop this game for sure! like Cho Aniki, the gameplay may be a lil on the sluggish side, but the aesthetic this game offers is way to bamph and original to pass up!



DjPhatskillz commented on Star Force:

If your into old arcade shooters like Xevious or whatever, this game is a must own. I personally think this game is great, i find my self going back to it over some of the more epic of shooters in my collection. It has power ups that are pretty rad for 1984, every time i got the one that makes your guns stronger and changes up the music i couldn't help but feel the energy. the graphics and soundtrack are great, the game posses the charm that is essential to making those mid-80s arcade games still playable to this day. If your are a shooter fan whos not into old stuff like Galaga stear clear, but like i said, this is a must own for the arcade aficionado.