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Fri 5th Apr 2013

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DJDALLYDEE commented on The Pokémon Company Describes 2013 as a "Key ...:

I plan on getting Pokemon X or Y either way, but I really hope they change a lot of stuff up this time around. I'd like to see them shake what normally makes a Pokemon game. Like changing the usual water/ grass/ fire trio of starters to another trio. Maybe flying/ electric/ rock as a change? I'd also like to see them break the usual eight gyms then elite four trend. Maybe three districts on the map with three gyms and one champion for each district AND you can do each district in any order? Maybe make the game more story driven? Like going through the back story of one of the professors when THEY were a kid? I dunno, just something ya know?



DJDALLYDEE commented on Shigeru Miyamoto: People Need To Be Patient Wi...:

He's right. People need to be patient. We all know Miyamoto's philosophy on games, and that's that a rushed game is forever bad. I'd rather them take the time to ensure the Nintendo quality standards. And other than that, third-party games have finally started coming out now. It's not like the other consoles won't run into these same problems as well, ya know.



DJDALLYDEE commented on Talking Point: The Downside to Delayed Release...:

The reason why it had to be delayed was because Microsoft has a clause that states that any multi platform game must either be released first 360 or at the same time as the 360. But the Wii U version is definitive enough, in my mind, that it could be considered an entirely different game. I dunno why the suits at Ubisoft didn't try and work a way around this clause, but I think that if they did, we would be playing Rayman Legends right now.



DJDALLYDEE commented on Inafune: Japanese Developers Are "Too Proud" A...:

I agree with him. A lot of early Western developers learned from the Japanese classics. Now I think it might be the other way around. Maybe not though, maybe it is a give and take sort of thing: 50/ 50. I know Inafune gets this idea though. He made the first Dead Rising to appeal to Western gamers, but it still felt very Japanese. For the second, he had a western studio, Blue Castle Productions, to give a huge hand. And I think they ended up with a very western appealing game. There's nothing wrong with swapping notes and taking some inspiration from overseas developers.



DJDALLYDEE commented on LucasArts Shut Down By Disney:

I really don't like hearing this. It really shows just how little integrity big companies have these days. Not only do a bunch of people lose their jobs, but they took the license away from the people who knew what they were doing with it. And Star Wars 1313, something that blew my mind, is no more. It's crazy. I wish there was a way that we could stick it to these big companies to show them that we don't approve of what they are doing, but they are huge, and we are small.