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Mon 25th Nov 2013

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DIE4GOD commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

I hate you now Nintendo, you are not the big N anymore not the king of games anymore, you don't deserve people respect. Just die like Sega, let Sony and Microsoft run the show. I hate you I hate you.

PS: I hate you.



DIE4GOD commented on Nintendo Reiterates Confidence That the Wii U ...:

The U in Wii u supposed to be for hardcore gamer which Nintendo said in 2011 e3 not unique how people like to say, they still not living up to their words yet, they are now focus on family don't blame them, good time to start for the holiday season.



DIE4GOD commented on Meet Project NEMO, The Nintendo Killer That Ne...:

I feel that Nintendo like to base sells on history or past, which is nothing wrong with that, but they gotta focus on what the MAJORITY of gamer TODAY generation want. Which are consoles that are similar to PC SPEC. No more weak stuff, that loads longer, graphic do matter to the MAJORITY gamers; if I had to choose a date between 3 girls (3 console) I would want the the most beautiful one (beautiful graphics). Gamecube had the best graphic and failed, but that generation of gamers aren't PC fanatic like TODAY GENERATION.



DIE4GOD commented on Nintendo States Its Wii U Case With a Holiday ...:

I wanna watch digital movies I down load from my PC, I don't care about tvii. My first PSP 10 years old can play digital movie why can't my Wii u do the same. Not even having blu-ray as well makes me made and jealous the other consoles have it.



DIE4GOD commented on Talking Point: The GamePad and its Role Defini...:

I believe Nintendo just need more 3rd party games, ever since the game cube, it seems Nintendo didn't have as much 3rd party games, but Nintendo do have more exclusive. It's sad for me to know that games I would definitely buy aren't coming to Wii u: kindom hearts, final fantasy, metal gear 5 which is coming out for PS3 But not Wii u which is more powerful, think of how the game pad be utilized in metal gear 5 would be awesome, not a sport fan, but lots of sports game as well didn't make it to Wii u. Nintendo just need 3rd party games more. If the other gamer know Nintendo have 3rd party games being cheaper prized and free online gaming, definitely sells would be better. I believe ever since game cube people didn't see Nintendo getting enough 3rd party games.