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DESS-M-8 commented on Reaction: Satoru Iwata Holds Off on Major Anno...:

Booooooooo! Quick! Announce gamecube and n64 so I can start selling my retro collection off, I need the space but love the games. Eshop solves both those problems for me :-D

Also, announce preorders for pacman, robin, Lucia and Ness! I've not seen them available to preorder anywhere ever! Even when I checked straight after the release. There was only charizard and wario out of the 6 :-(
Or have all the preorders gone instantly and they only manufactured 10 of each?



DESS-M-8 commented on Yusuke Hashimoto Outlines His Desire to Contin...:

@Haz sales figures for both franchise would disagree again.

Devil May Cry Sold, Bayonetta hasn't, and I know more people that have negative comments about Bayonetta, primarily directed at the music and the characters than people I know that own the game. Just an observation that does actually correlate to the sales performance of this game.

I personally think it's a brilliant game and bought both from the eShop at midnight. I'm saying I can see why people are put off by it.



DESS-M-8 commented on Nintendo Download: 19th February (Europe):

Would be nice to have kept the launch discount on Wii, I presumed it would as part of Nintendo dropping the £5 reward scheme in favour of rewarding repeat loyalty and continued buying of their eshop titles. I would have got every single Wii game released if they'd had continued the 50% off if purchased during launch week. At £18 I will seriously consider each title individually. Especially when you can buy brand new copies of Sin and Punishment for £5 still



DESS-M-8 commented on Soapbox: Portable Gaming Forges a Special Rela...:

@retro_player_22 How can you have at least all of them? there's either all of them, or at least a certain percentage. Either way, why the hell would you own ALL of them??? why would you buy a 3DS and 3DS XL?? if you have a 3DS why would you then buy a 2DS? Well done on collating every iteration of the Gameboy into one post? but having all of them is ridiculous.

Game and Watch was before I was born leading up to me being 7, by which point the Gameboy was out. I had a Gameboy, but if I had a Gameboy why would i think Game and Watch was a good idea to buy??? Solus LCD games were terrible. I remember having an altered beast one and a Castlevania one and they were appalling.

If you plucked for every iteration of the Gameboy as they game out, how much wasted money is that? The significant upgrades were worth the investment, Gameboy => Gameboy Colour => Gameboy Advance => Gameboy Advance SP Backlit => Nintendo DS => Nintendo DS Lite => Nintendo 3DS XL => Nintendo New 3DS XL. But plucking for Gameboy Loud, Micro Advance and DSi just seems backward, you would only have looked to buy them if you never owned one of the earlier similar models.

Needless to say, dedicated mobile gaming is probably the best and strongest format going and will always have a place. If anything they will integrate more into home gaming as generations develop, allowing you to take gaming with you and expand communications. The New 3DS XL is the single best piece of mobile gaming hardware ever made, I am utterly blown away by the quality of it and sheer force of the hardware it houses. The screen is ridiculously good with 3D effects that actually surprised me, I always played with it off on 3DS on games like Street Fighter as the stability was so bad and your controls being so vigorous that moving the 3DS slightly made it impossible to play in 3D. This new screen is so stable it has to be seen to be believed. The extra control is fantastic, the interface is brilliant, the processing power and hardware spec is phenmonial for the price and the size of the hardware, a very nippy little machine with stunning graphics, Ironfall is a must play on New 3DS to exhibit that it is more than likely that we will soon see CoD and/or mobile Battlefield at some point in the next 3 years.

That's only just beginning on the software. The sheer volume of quality software on New 3DS and coming up overshadows any other format, home gaming or mobile. I'm really looking forward to the next 2 years on New 3DS, at which point I will be looking to the Nintendo 7 for home gaming and how it will marry up with New 3DS or if we will see indications toward the next Gen Nintendo Gameboy.

Seeing a Return to the Gameboy and NES/64/Game---- brands would be amazing:

Gameboy DS
NES-7 / HyperNES / Nintendo7 /

Infact, future marketing campaign, use the name literally:

Nintendo 7 - Leave Luck to Heaven.
(translation of "Nintendo" to English for those who didn't already know)

To be proceeded by eye bleeding intense. fast paced, hardcore video game footage that makes you salivate and know that you are buying into something big, bad and challenging. Also hammering home that Nintendo has been around WAAAAAAY longer than your PS4.

The next generation of home gaming would be the only chane they would have to utilise that delicious little rhyming couplet, I think it has some punch too, and it puts the Nintendo name right out there and drops the now crippling Wii monicker.



DESS-M-8 commented on Yusuke Hashimoto Outlines His Desire to Contin...:

I'd like a less gay bayonetta. The music is appalling and very "sega" and does not fit this type of game at all, devil may cry had a better fitting sound. The lead characters are way to cheesey and overtly. There's nothing wrong with either aspects generally, it just detracts from something that is so well made and has potential to be so cool. Anybody I've shown the game to who had not heard of bayonetta has commented on exactly the same points.
This is such a well made top quality game. It just feels sega had a little dabble in there somewhere and gave it that sega shine. "game over...yeahhhhhhhh'"



DESS-M-8 commented on Nintendo's Wii U TVii Service is Formally Canc...:

I think the nintendo anime channel is excellent. My son loves it too and it has a lot of potential. They could add all nintendo licenced animation, including captain N, mario bros, extend that to the sonic cartoons and it should also be good to use this to air Sonic Boom in this country seen as nobody has picked it up yet and it's exclusive to nintendo.
If they added NowTV, Netflix and Amazon tv apps to both wii u and 3ds this would render TVii pointless and present your gamepad/3ds as an excellent entertainment hub, so much so that I'd pit a wii u in every room over the ps3's



DESS-M-8 commented on Poll: Are You An Early Adopter With The New Ni...:

I got the majora's mask bundle for myself and the standard black with yoshi plates for my son. Both came day before release direct from nintendo.

Vert VERY impressed with the hardware, especially the screens on the standard version. Much bigger than I thought they were



DESS-M-8 commented on Meet Playtonic, A Studio Of Ex-Rare Staff That...:

@Cia most ridiculous and utterly blind eyed view of anything I have ever read in my life.

At what point has the wii u software library been so brim burstingly amazing that it could afford to say no to potential exclusivity on some AAA titles?



DESS-M-8 commented on Meet Playtonic, A Studio Of Ex-Rare Staff That...:

@VanillaLake you've clearly not read everything about rare in the 90's or you would be aware of the reality that surrounded the split. Rare prompted the sale believing they didn't need nintendo. Retrospectively all ex staff have expressed genuine regret over the move as time showed them how much nintendo actually steered them. Their studio rapidly fell to pieces after the sale.
Rare WERE a creative force but we're very cleverly steered by miyamoto and nintendo. Rare ex staffers such as Tim hollis, Chris stamper, Chris seaver and Phil tossell have all said this. Rare were good, but they got insanely good whilst working with nintendo. Then without nintendo they literally died and got sodomised by Microsoft.
Is any of that chronology wrong? No.

You're further missing the point. Playtronic coming to nintendo is a HUGE deal in a very positive way. If playtonic merged with nyamyam and worked with with nintendo you are almost looking at a rebirth of Rareware and rare permanently dead and buried, but with a new studio capable of building top quality IP's to better banjo, conker, perfect dark and killer instinct



DESS-M-8 commented on Meet Playtonic, A Studio Of Ex-Rare Staff That...:

@VanillaLake no, that's your opinion not fact. Fact is, rare were very subtlety steered both creatively and techniquely by key nintendo staff in a very mutually rewarding partnership, they weren't Rare's publisher, rare was one of their development teams and they were very closely watched as with all their teams. All ex rare staff have all expressed explicitly that this was how the partnership worked and stated regret over them instigating the breakdown of that relationship.



DESS-M-8 commented on Sonic Boom Sales Struggle to Explode as Sega C...:

Maybe they should have got sonic team to re launch sonic instead of big red button, ya know, a Quality developer.
Sega are sat on an amazing warchest of IP's but have absolutely nobody of any talent to work on them.
Panzer Dragoon Drei with twilight princess controls would be amazing.
Virtua Fighter 6 is LONG overdue.
Sonic needs re-birthing desperately, more in line with rayman legends would be fitting.
Shinobi IV is 20 years overdue, developed in line with metal gear rising game style would would be fitting.
Story of Thor III
NiGHTS needs resurrecting.
Sega Rally needs doing properly.
Streets of Rage IV (arkham city as multiplayer mechanics) = awesome.
That's only 8 games and any one of them would make a Sega gamer, or any gamer with any knowledge of their earlier work, think "oooooooo! What's this then!?"



DESS-M-8 commented on Meet Playtonic, A Studio Of Ex-Rare Staff That...:

THIS is VERY good news. Chris sutherland is one of the main driving forces behind Rareware's success in the 90's. This small team is Rare that Microsoft have been sat on and given them NOTHING to do. They could use beanland for music who wrote the killer instinct soundtrack, but if he's still at MS then David Wise is freelance and a genuinely amazing ex-rare staffer.
This could be better than the nintebdo buying back rare. Using that talent for new IP's as opposed to how to resurrect long forgotten and sullied ones is far more promising. playtronic would sign a deal with Nintendo over MS or PS even for less money, those boys are dying to get back working with nintendo



DESS-M-8 commented on Dead Or Alive Producer Feels That A Cultural D...:

This is true but a lot of westerners are in love with Japanese culture, cinema, video games and mange.
I for one would day one purchase at full price the next installment of dead or alive 5 for wii u. Sincerely hope they release it



DESS-M-8 commented on Nintendo Delays Financial Results Presentation...:

This will be "new" U
The new wii u with beefed spec and new QoL, which will also turn out to be the real reason behind low third party support as they have been advised to shift development focus onto the new platform with certain contracts in place with the likes of sega capcom and Namco tonal least provide a decent number to the current wii u library



DESS-M-8 commented on Video: Capcom Explains Why Monster Hunter 4 Ul...:

Definitely picking up new 3ds, and majora's mask but no to monster hunter. It always needed a second stick for those that enjoy, but I just don't rate it personally. Which is a shame as it's one the biggest third party exclusives.



DESS-M-8 commented on Sega's Wonder Boy Lives On In Monster Boy, And...:

@XyVoX don't really get what you're wanting from anybody then? That's the same game you'd have played as a kid? Now your memories and a 100% conversion isn't good enough? Some people are hard to please. Had it on my wii I since 2013 and it was most welcome



DESS-M-8 commented on Video: Donkey Kong Country Returns...To Wii U:

@Grumblevolcano no. You're completely wrong.
Duck hunt - nes - nes zapper
Duck hunt - virtual console - wiimote.

Do you see what they did there? And how it might be massively relevant to the very point that hundreds are complaining about and the very point you've totally missed and deem as pointless?????



DESS-M-8 commented on Video: Donkey Kong Country Returns...To Wii U:

@BLPs if I was a game programmer wanting to charge consumers £9-£18 for the same game again on new hardware, I would expect to put a bit of work in to make it fit properly. Especially considering the whole selling point of wii u is off tv play, I would think one of the minor jobs on my list would be to make the buttons on said gamepad work with game I was trying to sell. Especially when the mapping would be coded from "shake" to "press y". Hardly like writing a new graphic engine is it.



DESS-M-8 commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

I'd like to see the games integrated into the wii u properly. Offscreen play??? I have to set my wii u to gamepad screen only and STILL use a wii remote to play donkey kong returns???? They need to implement being able to actually use the gamepad to play the game otherwise it's only half a solution. It solves very little of the inconvenience of the wii mode.



DESS-M-8 commented on Talking Point: Club Nintendo's Closure Is An E...:

This is an opportune moment to tie everything account based to one central ID that covers all your hardware and software and be wholey owned by the consumer. A grand reset of their online sales strategy to let the consumer, not the hardware, actually own the software, to reward repeat customers and brand loyalty and provide incentives for repeat sales and promotion.



DESS-M-8 commented on Video: Nintendo Drops a Legend of Zelda: Major...:

@NoNameAtAll I had both, I'm not saying there weren't decent games on the playstation. The original metal gear solid is in my personal top ten of all time.
I'm saying the N64 was an absolute treasure trove on industry changing exclusive software and a far greater console. The extent and volume of the library has nothing to do with it. Cause for every good game on playstation there were twenty utterly appalling piles of trash