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DESS-M-8 commented on Nintendo 64x64: F-Zero X:

@electrolite77 yes it was.
There is the same comparative between the ps3, wii u and ps4 as there was between PsOne, n64 and ps2.
The N64 fell into exactly the same generational slot then as the wii u does today. Wii u was the most powerful console available till ps4 came out, justice n64 was until ps2 came out.
I never said The N64 was on a par with ps2 I said it fell between PsOne and ps2



DESS-M-8 commented on Nintendo 64x64: F-Zero X:

@Pigeon there were plenty of great games on Saturn and PsOne. Most have aged appallingly. Final fantasy is nearly unplayable. Metal gear would have been infinitely better if developed for n64, FACT, as would resident evil, but resident evil 2 proved that point.

The hardware and capabilities were way above PsOne. They were 32 bit, 64 was 64 bit, ps2 was 128 bit. Just a fact that shows what I'm talking about. The loading times rubbished anything on PsOne enough to make CD based gaming seem like a backward step.
N64 was for games, PsOne was for good games developed on inferior hardware hiding behind the shine of CD music and pre rendered cut scenes and marketing to distract from the disgusting graphics compared to the 3D world's and models the N64 could achieve with ease.



DESS-M-8 commented on Super Smash Bros. on 3DS Lacks Circle Pad Pro ...:

I don't care at all. I'll be getting smash at midnight on Friday. Definitely want the new 3ds, was sold when they announced port of xenoblade chronicles.
Will transfer all my digital games tongue new hardware then, all sorted



DESS-M-8 commented on Nintendo 64x64: F-Zero X:

@Pigeon no. There just were that many games on N64 that were that good and proved it was a generation to itself. Way beyond any playstation or Saturn could offer.
It almost seems that because of the generational leap the N64 made, that's what's resulted in nintendo always being in a limbo generation and wii u somewhere between a ps3 and ps4 as the N64 was between a ps1 and ps2



DESS-M-8 commented on Limited GameCube Controller Edition of Super S...:

Won't be getting this.
I want digital eshop copy, gamecube controller adapter and the satisfactory of dusting of my wavebird (the greatest controller ever made) for use on a game in 2014. It won't know what hit it.

I have no idea why the wii u pro controller was a poor 360 styled pad, it's awful. They had, for its time, the greatest pad ever as a stock controller in the gamecube. They should have just evolved that with minor tweaks to number of buttons and their layout, bluetooth connection and rightstick adjustment



DESS-M-8 commented on Talking Point: History Shows Us That Nintendo'...:

@Caryslan sorry but the general consumer was most definitely swayed by fmv and most importantly marketing.

The fact such great games only came to PlayStation alone was due to the market gains of PlayStation from flooding marketing and exclusivity deals Sony paid for. Those games would have been better in every way if developed for n64

The first two years of PlayStation games were dire and relied wholey on marketing, they were primagine mainly 2D gaming with CD sound and pseudo 3D in a 2D plane like crash bandicoot. Later endeavours at 3D were even worse with appalling control and had to retain 2D control such as metal gear solid. That game was crippled being developed for PsOne, but at least it kept it's cutscenes. (metal gear solid is one of my top ten games of all time, just not the PsOne version) The PlayStation hardware was appalling, hence the constant revisions. The pad was a quick cheap SNES knockoff repeatedly revised to imitate advancements made in the N64 controller.

Marketing by Sony was the N64s failure, that marketing lead to a shift in some later key titles going Sony only. And that has been they're marketing strategy to this day. They are not a video game company, nintendo is the only one left. They are an electronics manufacturer and only make hardware and payout out millions for exclusivity in production rights and marketing.

To this day, they release garbage and pay for exclusivity, then repeatedly copy nintendo innovations.

Not one good aspect of Sony hardware and peripherals has not been copied from nintendo.

They're only original and exclusive feature? The ps4 'share' button. Every other part of that controller has come from nintendo. The PS move? Pretty sure I've seen that somewhere before. The fact you can now use a vita as a touch screen controller for your ps4? Now that sounds even more familiar.

Gamers buy nintendo, consumers by Sony. Idiots buy Xbox. However, the swing of third party sometimes pulls so far right of nintendo that you need a second console, hence I've had a ps3 for the last 6 years. But I will not own a ps4 ever again, pointless console and my wii u/3ds/ps3 combo will last year's to nintendos next gen



DESS-M-8 commented on Talking Point: History Shows Us That Nintendo'...:

Sorry, I was talking about the market as I saw it in the UK at the time. The neo geo was a market to itself really. But good point.
CD gaming was just appallingly slow and took away the quick blast nature that is a foundation of home console gaming. The N64 was really unfortunate that the general consumer was swayed by non interactive fmv cutscenes. That is ALL Sony ever aired on their tv commercials, never a single frame of in game footage



DESS-M-8 commented on Talking Point: History Shows Us That Nintendo'...:

@Wouwter yeah, Sony (who had way more capital) were basically trying to indirectly assume a position in the home gaming market by technically usurping nintendos position. Yamauchi THE MAN basically laughed in their face and took the contract to philips instead. By that time it was apparent that the CD Add-on market was worth nothing after seeing the performance of the MegaCD AmigaCD32 and philips CD-I but appeased philips by allowing them to use some nintendo intellectual properties to try and save their quickly dying console. CD was too early as the loading times were crippling compared to a cartridge.
The PlayStation launched as Sony had set that's a target way before even the snes deal. Sony succeeded mainly the same way the succeed today:
Release appalling grade hardware marketed down your throat. Then slowly revise your product through repeated "mark" models that eradicate flaws.
I think PlayStation was on something like Mark 8 or 9 before the PsOne smaller model came out.

Lots of developers went sony's direction after consumers were mysteriously brain washed by cutscenes distracting you from the actual disgusting looking game you were playing. Metal gear solid would have been a better game, especially visually if it was developed for N64 and dropped the extenuous cut scenes. Fact.

I remember getting ocarina of time and thinking it was stunning. But seeing the TV advert for final fantasy 7 I thought "Jesus Christ, that looks even better! How is that possible!?" my friend have raved about it long enough so I went to see it at his house. Needless to say, he had it running for 5 minutes before I obviously asked "what the f*** is this s***!?" to which he couldn't understand my sacrilegious perspective, to which I cried laughing and on returning home I fell deeper and more permanently I'm love with ocarina of time the greatest game ever made bar none!

The 64 was way greater than the PsOne and was getting in the game game while your PsOne was still thinking about booting up the title screen.

The only iterations that have logical division and mis-steps have been gamecube onward. There were too many prevailing big third party games just going to PS2. Metal gear, PES, GTA etc.
Wii killed itself long term before it came out. I was GUTTED when I heard it was gonna be HD and that dropped it too far behind the bar for its intended lifespan, almost putting the special Olympics in with the Olympics.

This gives nintendo a HUGE hurdle before the Wii U even came to market. Developing in HD, the inexperience of doing it, the resources to do it and the bad image of the wii. They have retained the decrepit bargain bin regular note it ended on rather than the first time they ever picked up a wii mote or played mariokart wii, metroid Prime 3 or call of duty with a wii mote and nunchuk.

They need to sustain quality titles and provide me with another 4 years out of my wii u.
Then they need to release a HULK of a console that blends home and portable AND retains you NNID allowing you to port across and be backward compatible with the library you've loyally built up with them while they were struggling.

The sold to us on its merit of power and industry changing games.

That needs doing again next gen 2018



DESS-M-8 commented on B Dasher is Speeding Onto The Legend of Zelda ...:

Yes, but I am more looking forward to the F-Zero track. I had no idea about that.
PLEASE be a Big Blue course or at least a medley style course that has the music track Big Blue, that whole game is built round that one song and it rocks



DESS-M-8 commented on Nintendo Rolling Out New In-Store Digital Dist...:

The wii did more long term damage to Nintendo than anyone seems to give it credit for.
The wii u is written off before anybody is even told what it is and they should have dumped the wii name, the wii had huge success and the name should have gone with end of the console as it's fall was as huge as it's rise.
It's abundance of family and kiddie games and bargain bin novelty rubbish is what is was known by the end. "I'm not playing that, it's for kids and [silly people]" direct quote from one of UK's most successful comedies aimed at 15-35 year old males. That comment rang true and supported what most already thought at that time and now you're no allowed to own one apart from as a badge of shame. They held onto the standard definition generation too long, lost major third party support, and lost the market that continually funds the industry as opposes to the fad market thatade the wii a freak success. They should have cut the name lose and marketed the hell out the wii I from day one.
Now they almost have to fight for bargain bin space on the high street.
They were way too late to the HD and full Internet gaming party.
Now they're almost too early for the wholey digital distribution partyand it could hurt them bad.

They need to support both avenues of distribution fully as a lot still view the high street as a barometer of success. I walk into asda I see a whole wall including led tv running game footage telling me all about ps4. I see one copy of Mariokart 8 stick randomly to the top shelf of the 3ds shelf on the shop floor. A new gamer looking for a console I want mum and dad to buy me for Christmas. Which company is working harder to help me with that decision, Sony or nintendo?

The shame of it all is, the wii u is a far greater console.



DESS-M-8 commented on Nintendo Rolling Out New In-Store Digital Dist...:

@JamesCoote I play wii u and check nintendo sites, I also watch nintendo directs and check the eShop weekly. I literally NEVER use the high street to see what's new, it's just not as convenient in today's world. I buy pure digital, whether it's direct from the eShop or codes from Game.
Presenting more codes in store is good as it opens competition with the eShop
Hyrule warriors eshop £39.99
Game eshop download code £31.99? Which one wins?



DESS-M-8 commented on Nintendo Download: 25th September (Europe):

I hope NOBODY buys fifa 15 for 3ds
Tired of their line of they have nothing to gain by developing for nintendo but then still slide piles of underdeveloped rubbish out like this expecting to make a quick buck convinced we will as we're starved of sports games.

Their fulls games such as madden and nhl thisbyear are their worst so far too.
You have to love to loathe EA



DESS-M-8 commented on Nintendo Download: 18th September (Europe):

Really want to original donkey kong. Would want it on my wii u though. Hope this signals the start of donkey's kong games coming back to current consoles along with the DKC trilogy and then Donkey Kong 64



DESS-M-8 commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

@Giygas_95 it was exactly the right thing to do. There is NOTHING on ps4 worth playing that I can't play for less money on my ps3.

If I'd have traded it later I would have earned less and not had a pile of eshop cards ready to download smash 3ds, smash wii u, hyrule warriors, bayonetta 2, xenoblade, pokemon etc etc etc across the next 8 months.
A pile of AAA games is infinitely more playable than an expensive console with 1 game.



DESS-M-8 commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

@electrolite77 nothing ludicrous whatsoever about my 'rant' bit offensive of you to use such a word.

It's true. The games are remedial and sole focused of rinsing unwittingly people of their money.

I don't remember the last time shinobi charged a child over £400 of actual money for adding shurikens to play with. Whereas a really deep and logic based game like 'ninjas versus zombies' did EXACTLY that.



DESS-M-8 commented on Preview: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Go...:

Yes. Yes it will.
Demo is brilliant.
Online potential is massive.
Amiibo will add further appeal.
If the online allows versus against wii u players also, then this might a huge kick that wii u has also been waiting for.



DESS-M-8 commented on Weirdness: There Are Super Smash Bros. for Nin...:

This report is weirdness.

Person 1 has something highly desired by 1000 other people that they don't have.

Person 1 acquired said item by spending more with a certain company than the 1000 other people and has acquired item as a rewarded for repeated loyal financial investment.

Person 1 OWNS said item.

How to decide which of the thousand to give it to? Universal gratitude = money. That's why money was invented. Award for services and product.

If saying selling this code is wrong then that is a direct contradiction to the whole ownership of digital media.

The code is there's, they sell it. What's that got to do with you????

The whole dynamic appears to be a pretty basic lesson in business practice.



DESS-M-8 commented on Review: Phonics Fun with Biff, Chip & Kipper: ...:

Downloaded this the first minute at midnight last night. My son was on it first thing this morning and after school. He loved it, I thought they were brilliant and they hold a focused attention span longer than the recommended 15 minutes for learning to read.

This would be a very good and complete way to learn a foreign language, rather than learning to translate, you would be learning a language from the very basic beginnings that everyone acquires language through



DESS-M-8 commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

What happened to all the amazing unique features for the gamelan that made this the best version and the sole reason for the delay?
Or was it finished ages ago and they've help onto it to release in November for Xmas seen as they're not releasing Assassins creed now?



DESS-M-8 commented on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Oo...:

@WalupeachyTime and somehow it was worse.

Just cutting a deal whereby they re-release turtles in time and the arcade game would be good.
It's just a shame that Konami didn't release turtles in time on the wii virtual console before losing the licence, as they'd already released the NES turtles game



DESS-M-8 commented on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Oo...:

PLEASE release this on eShop this time.

eShop release? Day one purchase from me and my son. Don't want my four year old with tiny carts to lose, want them all banked safely in our huge 3DS clamshell thank you very much



DESS-M-8 commented on Movie-based Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game ...:

No eShop. No purchase.

Come on Activision!!!! What the hell are you plating at??? That's CoD black ops&ghosts/teenage mutant ninja turtles/angry birds star wars that I would have purchased across 3DS and Wii U by now, but you appear to no want my money?



DESS-M-8 commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd July (Europe):

@Jazzer94 which minus tax is actually $16 so only $6 difference, about £4
There's also the fact Nintendo Europe over charge. I can get another world digitally on PS3 for just over £6. Same thing on eShop, over £7 forth same product. How's that?


Here's a good one. Look on the Wii shop channel on wii mode on your wii u!!! Where the hell are all the games? There's 14 N64 titles. Log onto wii shop channel on an actual wii there's like 59. Same on all formats. There's hundreds of games missing. I added over £20 in wii points, went to download ocarina and majoras. NOT THERE!!!!