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Sat 25th Dec 2010

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DeeEll commented on Talking Point: Your Nintendo Moment of 2010:

Beating The Perfect Run in Grandmaster Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. After many deaths (and hitting my face on the couch out of frustration) I finally did it. It was the hardest level I had ever played in a Nintendo game. It truly put the skill of hardcore gamers to the test; I've never seen such a perfect combination of side-scrolling and 3D segments. The use of Yoshi and the Cloud Suit was a nice touch, too. And the big payoff at the end with Rosalina? Yeah, THAT'S what I call an awesome end to an awesome game. I never really had many Nintendo moments this year, anyway.



DeeEll commented on Talking Point: Your Favourite Nintendo Christm...:

Well, I have 2.

The first was getting a Gameboy Advance SP. I don't believe I had actually had a game system before that. I recall getting Shrek 2 with it, which was a game I actually enjoyed.

The second is getting a Wii. After tearing off that wonderful gift wrapping, I saw it. I actually cried tears of pure joy. I now think of that moment as rather embarrassing (please tell me someone else cried when they got one), but it's a nice Christmas memory.