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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Damo commented on Video: Ryan Craddock Performs His Super Mario ...:

@PinkSpider We were recording on a directional mic (used for interviews) off a DSLR and the sound was VERY loud. Sadly we couldn't fit the super-expensive concert-quality audio rig in the boot of the car.

Apologies for the obvious distress this has caused you.



Damo commented on Shiny Founder Dave Perry Wasn't Keen On The N6...:

@DarthNocturnal Discs were a hell of a lot cheaper than carts. Some of the later SNES games here in the UK were £60 and £70, but when PSX launched the highest price was around £50. That eventually dropped to £30 thanks to a high street price war. N64 games, on the other hand, remained pretty steep.

Carts definitely cost developers more to make, that is fact. Retailer might have tried to equalise prices during the PSX / N64 era, but that just meant that there was less profit in N64 games.



Damo commented on Feature: The Short But Sweet Games Journalism ...:

@Kirk I'm going to make you even more jealous now - I've got every issue of EDGE from 1 up until around the end of the PS2 era, when I stopped buying it.

Those first 20 or so issues are simply untouchable - some of the best games journalism I've ever seen, and a surprising breath of fresh air after the (much loved) silliness of the EMAP era. The reported was fantastic, it didn't dumb down the content and the production values were head and shoulders above any other magazine available at the time.



Damo commented on Talking Point: Tatsumi Kimishima Is A Safe Pai...:

@JamesCoote You cannot compare iOS and Google Play to Nintendo's systems - it's a totally and utterly different situation, market and audience. And the issues you mention stem largely from the complexities of releasing games in multiple regions - this applies to film and music to a certain degree as well.

The world is a big place and when you're as hands on as Nintendo is with its systems and games (Apple and Google have little to no involvement in the publication and promotion of the games on their app stores) then this is the only approach that can really work at the moment. Nintendo isn't Apple or Google.



Damo commented on Talking Point: Tatsumi Kimishima Is A Safe Pai...:

@JamesCoote Makes no sense? Do you honestly see NoA taking the time to deal with all of the multiple territories within Europe? Handling all of the localisation for each country, distribution, marketing (which is a totally different business in this part of the world to the US), etc?

If the split didn't make any sense any more then why are Sony and Microsoft still committed to Euro offices? Combing NoA and NoE would have one outcome - Europe would get even less attention than normal!



Damo commented on Preview: Getting Inside The Curiously Undemand...:

@manu0 That's fair enough, but the requests in the game aren't presented as open-ended. They have a clear objective and like I said in the preview, the client even reacts to certain objects you place in the room - either with a heart (to show they like it) or shock. So the game is feeding you this information that appears to suggest that you've made a good or bad move...yet you could fill a room with stuff the client hates and STILL get a positive reaction at the end.

That just feels totally broken to me, because there is some feedback in there. The client knows what they do and don't like! Still, as I said in the preview, it's not a deal breaker and I'm still enjoying my time with the game.



Damo commented on Preview: Getting Inside The Curiously Undemand...:

@manu0 I think it's perfectly fair, because the idea of making the perfect home for your client is a total illusion, and the game should at least be able to tell when I've not even tried to make an effort.

I'm all for making games accessible to all, but there is literally no way to fail in this - and that to me is just plain lazy design. I'd rather Nintendo have been upfront and say "just design the house you want" rather than try and wrap it up in the idea that you're somehow an expert at putting into reality what each animal wants.



Damo commented on Review: SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson (3DS):

Just to confirm, no game is reviewed in isolation at Nintendo Life and I'm also playing through SK2 at the moment and have been chatting to Alex about the game as well.

Regardless of what you think of the fan service, there's no getting away from the fact that SK2 is a very shallow title - the combat sections are button-mashing at its finest and while the window-dressing is all very well (calling this a visual novel is going a bit far - is every game that has cut-scenes now a visual novel?), it's not enough to elevate it above being very average indeed.

As you know, another reviewer tackled the first game and liked it, but this sequel really doesn't add anything new to the concept at all and that has to be taken into account. And while many of you will love the fact that it's packed with wobbly lady-bits, those very same gravity-defying orbs of flesh will be incredibly off-putting to many other players.

If you can honestly hold your hand up and say you don't feel even the slightest bit awkward using the 3DS motion controls to pan the camera around a half-naked, large-chest anime girl after you've beaten her senseless then you're a better person that I am, clearly.



Damo commented on Rumour: XSEED Less Than Happy With Nintendo's ...:

@Klimbatize Look at the low standard of some of the games we've seen on the Wii U and 3DS eShop. You may have Nostradamus-level predictive powers but when the press release for Mad Man Football came in, we had no reason to doubt it would ever be made - it's certainly no worse than some of the other titles which actually made it onto the eShops. As for it being a joke, it was certainly an expensive one for the developer as he even went as far as to mail out promotional materials to our office in the UK, with colour-printed artwork and much more besides. I think you second assumption of him being out of his depth is more likely - we've seen plenty of bedroom programmers try to produce content for the eShops lately.

@TheBadGuy Thanks dude. The packet of unmarked bills is in the post



Damo commented on GAME Confirms Shovel Knight amiibo:

@Ras For the record, we treat companies on NL as singular entities. So it's always "Nintendo HAS" and not "Nintendo HAVE". That's the general rule anyway.



Damo commented on Rumour: XSEED Less Than Happy With Nintendo's ...:

@Klimbatize We expressed our doubts that Mad Men Football would actually get made when we first reported on it - no reason to ignore it, even if it did look unlikely. Lots of games get announced and then don't actually get made - MMF certainly isn't the only unreleased title to have a game page on the site.



Damo commented on Rumour: XSEED Less Than Happy With Nintendo's ...:

@Octane Absolutely, I'd love to be able to cite sources in this respect but it's just not possible. Sadly that's the nature of many of these stories - sources are keen to get the info out there but doing it publicly is going to result in them losing their jobs. We've already seen one NoA employee get the sack for speaking out of turn recently.



Damo commented on Rumour: XSEED Less Than Happy With Nintendo's ...:

@Octane Seeing as it would cost these people their jobs, we can't share the sources.

However, you can take my word that as someone who speaks to a lot of people behind the scenes, there was most definitely something up at NoA. We've been following and pestering NoA for information about the game for most of 2015 (prior to E3), and even if you don't believe what has been reported, surely the fact that the company decided to say absolutely nothing at all about the game at E3 speaks volumes.

Reggie even stated that they were only showing off games at E3 that were coming in the next few months (so no Zelda) yet Devil's Third wasn't shown. That is a pretty big giveaway that the company was having second thoughts about what was one of last year's big E3 announcements. It wasn't even on the show floor!

I'm still amazed that people are finding it so hard to believe that NoA had a crisis of confidence in this situation, even when the reviews have been almost uniformly terrible.



Damo commented on Potential Massacre Averted At Pokémon World C...:

There seems to be some confusion here - the pair were held and released initially on the Thursday but were arrested on the Friday night when a search of their car revealed the full extent of their haul of weapons.

Sorry if that wasn't made clear enough in the original story!