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Hobbit-like Editorial Director of Nintendo Life, Push Square and Pure Xbox by day, freelance word wizard by night. You may have shaken your head in disgust at my work on Eurogamer, CNET UK, Pocket Gamer and elsewhere.

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Damo commented on Pokémon's Ash And Gary Are Getting The Nendor...:


From your own post:

Untitled Untitled

It says Ash and Gary there, from what I can see. And both look identical to the characters in the show. I appreciate there's a difference between the games and the anime, but surely Red & Blue are practically interchangeable with Ash and Gary? They both look the same to me!

I honestly never thought I'd be arguing about this when I woke up this morning.



Damo commented on Review: Dark Half (SNES):

@clvr Because (as stated in the review) it just got an English fan translation.

And we've always reviewed retro stuff as and when we've felt like it - we don't need an excuse to cover old games.



Damo commented on Review: Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS):

@walrusballs Hating things in a review just shows that you are a corrupt human being and are an alien who does not deserve to live on earth. Your comparing opinion just shows you have no insight on life and things in general, typical commenter. The more you hate, the more easier things are to be hated. Hater.

If you think this review looked good to you, don't let commenters take a shat all over your excitement. I encourage you to read the review yourself and let your own heart decide it's path to happiness or hatred. Too many times have I took comments to heart, left empty of my own curiosity of a review I looked forward to reading. And then upon disregarding such hatred, I found the courage to try one review I truly thought was super hard bad, a wonderful and uplifting experience of pure joy I let someone else ruin. But it made it that much more fleeting to realize how good it actually was. So thank you for hating, walrusballs.



Damo commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Game Gear:

@sdelfin Ditto on the Nomad! I bought that console purely to get my through some boring shifts at my family's video store in 2000. I just plugged it into the mains, the battery pack never had any batteries inside it, ever. Good times!



Damo commented on Asteroid Challenge Is Bringing Classic Arcade ...:

@NexisGames Like I said, GN didn't cite a source, hence no linkback to your site. It really is as simple as that. Had GN cited a source in the "link" section at the bottom of the post, I would have sourced your site.

And as for "stealing" from you in the past, you do realise that developers send us emails every single day with news on their latest games? We ALWAYS cite sources, and have done since day one - which is over a decade ago now. The only time we don't is when there's no need - like when a developer drops us an email with the information directly.

And before you start mentioning "vile actions", has Nintendo Life ever posted an item which specifically targets a member of the Nintendo Nuggets team? Nope. You might want to make sure your own house is in order before throwing around baseless accusations.



Damo commented on Asteroid Challenge Is Bringing Classic Arcade ...:

@NexisGames GoNintendo didn't provide a link at the bottom of their news piece, they provided a link to screenshots. They ALWAYS link to sources, and as they hadn't in this case, I linked to GoNintendo as I assumed they had been sent a PR by the developer.

You might also want to look up the term plagiarism, because even if what you were saying is true, this isn't it. If we had plagiarized your post, surely we would have misspelt Magique too?



Damo commented on Nintendo Removes Infamous Drugging Scene From ...:

@edhe "She is not intended to be a homosexual character."

Taken from the link you gave (which contradicts itself several times over):

"Soleil: If I get close to one that’s my type, I end up fainting. I’m just too sensitive."

"My type" is a clear indication of preference. There is literally no other instance where you would utter that phrase.

Reading the rest of the dialogue, it is painfully clear that Soleil is attracted to the same sex. There's literally zero ambiguity. The male (player) character even says:

"Don’t fool around with other men. Although I probably don’t have to worry about that with you."



Damo commented on ​Bigley's Revenge Has Been Removed From the ...:

@NexisGames This article was actually written by Mitch, who is in the US - if you look at the time stamp (which is UK time) it says 2AM, as in 2 in the morning. That's Friday evening Mitch's time.

The other content which is posted at the weekend is usually scheduled earlier in the week (the Super Scope piece was written and submitted on Friday, for example, but was scheduled for publication on Saturday), unless something massive happens that requires one of us to hop online to cover it.

This isn't a Wordpress site - not sure what gave you that impression? It's a totally bespoke site with a unique CMS created in part by Ant, one of our directors.

And updating the post wasn't the issue - as soon as it came to the attention of someone who could edit the original post (which was this morning UK time, when I spotted it) it was updated.

The original post was made when the reason for the takedown wasn't known. Mitch doesn't state the exact reason for the takedown, but mentions that this has happened with one of your past games - that's a fact.

Not sure I see any massive issue with the original post, if I'm honest.



Damo commented on Ninterview: Retro Video Gaming's Heidi stopXwh...:

@TwilightAngel Stats suggest there are more women and girls playing games now than ever before in the history of the medium. Like @shani I also assumed your original comment was ironic.

Video gaming is a totally inclusive medium of entertainment, the myth of it only being for males is totally outdated.



Damo commented on Japanese Analyst Claims NX Could Launch As Ear...:

@Grumblevolcano I don't see it as too late - I see it as totally ideal. The hype levels will be off the chart after E3, and knowing that the console is on store shelves in just a few months will ensure bumper interest at Christmas.

Dev kits are out there already, so it's not like developers don't know about the console already. It's just the press / public which is in the dark ATM.