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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Damo commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

All this hate for Command is totally unwarranted - its biggest crime was that it just wasn't what fans were expecting. Check it out without those lofty expectations and you'll see that it's an interesting use of the hardware and a fun, tactical experience.

And let's not forget that Miyamoto himself asked Q-Games to adopt that style ;)



Damo commented on A Totally Complete Version Of Star Fox 2 Reall...:

@superfamicomguy According to Cuthbert, all of the ROMs available in the wild now are not representative of the final game. He saus there are elements missing - both in terms of how the gameplay was structured and some of the enemy encounters - which aren't present in any version other than the final, mastered edition.



Damo commented on Video: We Tackle The Dual-Stick vs. Motion Con...:

I dunno if I'm just too stupid to get my head around them, but the motion controls just befuddle me. I turned them off and have since gone back to them, only to find the whole set up really awkward and fiddly. I can appreciate that they offer additional precision, but having to constantly move the GamePad around becomes annoying very fast.



Damo commented on Hardware Review: REVO K101 Plus:

For those of you recommending the GBA SP over this, it's worth pointing out that the screen on the REVO is far superior. The GBA SP AGS 101 - the model with the improved screen - is pretty pricey these days.



Damo commented on Koji Igarashi's Castlevania Successor Teased b...:

Totally and utterly hyped for this. More so than any other game in recent memory! SotN is perhaps my all-time favourite game, and I loved the Metroidvanias on the GBA and DS. It was a sad time when Konami put a stop to those - they were practically a yearly event at one point!



Damo commented on Talking Point: Is Konami About To Exit The Con...:

@Quorthon Did you even read the feature? I point out that the New York Stock Exchange de-listing isn't a big deal, and explain why.

And secondly, Konami was unquestionably one of Nintendo's key allies in the early years, not just during the NES period but during the SNES era as well, when it had the freedom to work with whomever it liked yet still put arguably its most important games on Nintendo hardware. Let's also not forget the incredible support Konami gave the Game Boy, as well.

"The SNES is also only one console, and during this time, Konami was pretty much equally prolific on the Genesis and even supported the TurboGrafx-16"

Equally prolific? Not even close. Konami took years to seriously support the Genesis / Mega Drive. In contrast, Konami was there to support the Super Famicom on day one with Gradius III.

During the life of the Genesis, Konami released approx 18 games on Sega's console, but published around 45 games on the SNES / Super Famicom. Also, support for the PC Engine / TubroGrafx-16 was limited to a few shooter ports and Dracula X (13 titles across PCE and PCE CD, Japan and NA).

To suggest that Konami was somehow begrudgingly supporting Nintendo formats is absurd; yes, Konami was simply "going where the money was" - it is a business, lest we forget - but it obviously saw a lot of value in working with Nintendo during this period, and would continue to offer support during the N64, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, GameCube and Wii eras.



Damo commented on Ninterview: Jeremy Parish On Cataloguing The H...:

@Peach64 You could argue that could be said of both the NES and the SNES, too - those machines saw plenty of terrible licenced titles.

There are loads of great games on the Game Boy, so I think you're being a little harsh. It's a wonderful system which put proves that technologically humble consoles can still play host to deep and involving experiences.



Damo commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Dreamcast:

@sinalefa Did you get the random reset fault? You can fix that pretty easily, so you might not need to pick up another console - although to be honest, they're not expensive!



Damo commented on Playtonic Releases First Animated Footage From...:


1. The devs themselves have repeatedly referred to Banjo-Kazooie in interviews, and have said they want to create a spiritual successor.

2. They've also said they want to work with Nintendo and, if the community calls for it, will make the Wii U the lead platform. I think that's a pretty good indication that the game is coming to Wii U, don't you?



Damo commented on Parent Trap: What My Kids Want From Lego's Toy...:

@Boidoh A lot of companies like to write their brand (and sub-brands) in capitals, as it makes them seem more important. You would not believe the amount of press releases we get where EVERY SINGLE TRADEMARKED NAME is WRITTEN IN CAPITALS. Even THE names of CHARACTERS. It is REALLY annoying.

So yeah, Lego is lower-case in my eyes. ;)