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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Damo commented on The Man Who Found The SNES PlayStation Thinks ...:

@kiigu The SNES add on would have been Nintendo branded. This is the stand alone system, and was very much Sony's baby.

Check out the JVC Wondermega - it's a similar system but one that actually made it to market. A Sega Genesis and Sega CD combined, but no Sega logo on the casing.



Damo commented on Gallery: Here's A Closer Look At The Donkey Ko...:

@rjejr Good point, this has been added to the news item.

When the game was first revealed it was stated that the Wii would get a slightly different version of the game. We've got some guys over in LA now and will try and find out exactly how.



Damo commented on Here Are Your Eight Qualifying Nintendo World ...:

@manu0 I don't buy that. I have kids - my eldest is 16 this year - and she's never, ever been dissuaded from playing video games. Heck, the house is full of them, but she's never shown more than a passing interest. I don't think it has anything to do with kids being raised differently (certainly not now, as gaming is seen as something that girls and boys can be involved in), it's more down to personal preference. My daughter has plenty of other interests and hobbies, she's just never been interested in games.

Perhaps there were no women in the finals because they feel there are better things to do with their time than queue up all day long outside a Best Buy for the chance to play a game for just a handful of minutes - the result of which might get them to the finals? Who knows! Certainly not me.



Damo commented on Bloodstained Is Officially Kickstarter's Most ...:

@Kirk First up, we've seen little more than static screen mock-ups of this game so far, which all look amazing (they're concept art, admittedly). I'm not sure exactly what problem anyone could have with how the game looks at this present moment in time, but each to their own.

What you're suggesting - 3D models made to look like 2D characters - has been done in the past (the most recent Guilty Gear, for example - see below) with impressive results. Perhaps that's what IGA has in mind for this?

I think if IGA and his team can make the game look as good in motion as those concept screens look (unlikely, seeing the gulf of difference between the Mighty No. 9 mock-ups and the near-complete game) then I'd be as happy in as a pig in a lot of muck - as will 99% of people who backed the game, I'll wager.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's far too early to be complaining about how this game looks, or even predicting what route they will take. I'd personally be happy with 2D or 3D made to look like 2D, from the art I've seen so far.



Damo commented on Here Are Your Eight Qualifying Nintendo World ...:

@manu0 It was open to all, so I'm not really sure anyone can be blamed for the lack of female representation. These guys scored the highest, so what are you going to do? To Nintendo's credit, there's good female representation in the "guest" stars.



Damo commented on Freshly Translated 2001 Interview Between Shig...:

@tudsworth Firstly, I'm not sure the comment "Do you find this interesting?" was meant in a negative way, certainly not relating to Ultima Underworld - which, as anyone will tell you, is a fantastic game to which many first-person adventure titles owe a massive debt. I think it was just a way for the conversation to start; an ice-breaker.

Secondly, Garriott is a long way off being talentless. The Ultima series laid down many of the foundations of modern RPGs, and Ultima 7 - in my opinion - is yet to be bettered as an open-world adventure. Garriott is creating a spiritual successor in the form of Shroud of the Avatar, and fans seem to be very happy with it.

To sum up, I think you've been a little harsh there. Did Lord British bully you at school or something?



Damo commented on Video: Share The Joy of Receiving a Launch Day...:

@EllenJMiller That is such an amazing story! I recall getting a cheap and battered portable TV as my first - it was covered in stickers from the previous owner and the remote control was missing, but it served me well. However, I only realised how terrible the RF signal was when I plugged my Mega Drive into a SCART socket on a friend's Sony - it was like looking at an entirely different machine!

I actually feel kind of sorry for kids growing up today, in this era of perfect HD quality visuals. There's something about playing games in monochrome which are supposed to be in colour!



Damo commented on Video: Share The Joy of Receiving a Launch Day...:

@EllenJMiller What a fantastic story! Thanks for sharing!

Regarding the SNES video, as you all know Tyler is a long-time friend of the site and has done video content for us in the past. When I watch these clips I can't help but get emotional, not just because Tyler's dad has since sadly passed away, but because it's so easy to share the excitement - we've all been there, that place of utter joy when you get a new piece of gaming hardware, and Tyler's little snippets of his gaming life resonate with all of us.