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Thu 4th September, 2008

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cyrus_zuo commented on Review: Paper Monsters Recut (Wii U eShop):

I so want this to be co-op. After the great Rayman and Mario co-op platformers I find I expect it as a feature.
Plus...I buy nearly anything that has substantial co-op at this point.
Still this looks so lovely...maybe I'll overlook the lack of co-op :).



cyrus_zuo commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2014 - Fall ...:

Hmmm...not a list that appeals to me.
Maybe time to go back and get NSMB3DS?
I've liked the demo for Bravely Default, maybe it will be on sale this winter.
...or I could get Smash...but I figure the WiiU will scratch that itch.
This is the first year since its release that I don't have a Christmas game for the 3DS that I'm wanting to pick-up. MH4U is the next one on my radar. Seems like the 3DS is starting to sunset.



cyrus_zuo commented on Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric Speeds To Earlier Re...:

@Kogorn733 My problem is I played Sonich Boom on Wii U at E3, and I was stunned by how bad it was. I didn't think it could be corrected in time for launch. It reminded me of playing Spyborgs at E3. One of the most tedious, repetitious waste of time games ever.
I'd LOVE to see Sonic Boom get pulled into something great, but if 2.5 years got them to the E3 build, I have no faith that .5 years would get them to a good game. (would love to be wrong here btw)



cyrus_zuo commented on Wii U Art Of Balance Release Date Confirmed Fo...:

@unrandomsam That's interesting, I had thought it was, though it clearly isn't in iTunes. I was remember the NL interview where Image & Form said:
"One factor Sigurgeirsson attributed to the success in the eShop is the platform itself. SteamWorld Dig is also available on iOS but with the large amount of competition it can become "close to impossible to be heard", while the featuring process is "somewhat of a lottery"."



cyrus_zuo commented on Armillo Update Arrives in Europe:

Great game! Very under-appreciated exclusive in my mind. My only issue was it hitting my motion sickness due to frame rate issues, but I think (hope?) this will fix the problem.
MORE PEOPLE should be playing this game.



cyrus_zuo commented on Wii U Art Of Balance Release Date Confirmed Fo...:

@Nintendo-64 Why?
I mean Steamworld Dig was on iOS at release, the 3DS crushed it, so they focused more on Nintendo. If you want devs to stick around, support them.
That said, what I really want, is for Shinen to hire a better game designer. Their games are SO PRETTY!!!!
But they all their games play very 'meh.' If they weren't pretty we wouldn't talk about them or care about them. I don't think it would take much to make their games go from 'ok' to amazing. They just need better design :). I don't dislike the company - on the contrary, I like them and would love to see them go to the next level! A good designer, with their amazing visuals, would create superstar indie titles!



cyrus_zuo commented on Fret Not, A World of Keflings Is Still On Its ...:

Day 1!
As for the pic, I get the intent of showing WiiU is next gen, but the execution of calling it out on the image is a little off - feel sad they're getting the opposite response of what they wanted here. I'm glad they are improving the game for WiiU owners and am looking forward to it!



cyrus_zuo commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer?:

Not a fan of SMB3. I had a NES back on the day, but was an early adopter of the 16-bit generation and didn't play SMB3 until after NSMBWii. I felt the later was far superior to SMB3. Honestly I think nostalgia is a big reason that game gets so much love, it's very limiting by today's standards.
I really enjoyed SMW back in the day, but Galaxy 2 is a platforming clinic I don't expect will soon be surpassed.



cyrus_zuo commented on Fifa 15 Coming to Wii and 3DS on the 26th of S...:

None of this makes sense.
It's just a roster update for 3DS and why not do a roster update for WiiU as well?
In fact, why not make a download only title for WiiU to avoid costs putting it in stores and to make yourself look like you are forward thinking as a company. Oh wait, it's EA, ignore that last part.



cyrus_zuo commented on Nocturnal Outlines Flowerworks HD Sales and Fu...:

I've never understood how to play this game well. My scores are pretty consistently the same regardless of what I try...
I like the co-op idea, but didn't really get into this one.
Still, I'm glad it did as well as it did for them.



cyrus_zuo commented on Guide: All You Need to Know on Mario Kart 8 Ch...:

"The super lightweights unfortunately don't have high odds of winning no matter what you do..."

I disagree with this. I almost always play light-weight, and I'm far more successful at it.
With the lightweights I can corner like a monster, which on many tracks will greatly decrease the amount of track I have to cover. On many tracks that will more than make up for the lower speed and as a bonus, when you get hit by a blue shell, you're up and on your way again quickly.
Cornering around the inside of a U-turn, just barely off of the grass and on the warning stripe has won me many a race ;).



cyrus_zuo commented on Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue Flying Exclusivel...:

I heard the first one was pretty ok, and I really have a thing for I'll probably check this out at some point.
Doesn't the movie come out tomorrow?
Surprised the game isn't coming out at the same time. I've got to imagine that means they were way behind schedule. This fall is a bit on the late side for a movie game when the movie was released in the middle of summer.



cyrus_zuo commented on Review: Wii Sports Club (Wii U):

Baseball with the gamepad is a revelation, MUCH better than the original. So, so good!

Tennis is MUCH more competitive w/Motion+, but not as accessible as the original when it was just timing. It's not nearly as good a party game as the original, but it's better for long-term players.

Golf is Tennis x11! Way too hard for any casual player! No party play whatsoever! Rewards players who play it A LOT! Rewards them a LOT!

Bowling is essentially the same as Resort. Prettier, couple of new modes. Party pleaser. Fun single-player. Poor online title b/c it's a slow game.

Boxing I haven't bothered to try b/c of the reviews. Plus, Baseball! I'm way too busy playing it!



cyrus_zuo commented on Review: Monkey Pirates (Wii U eShop):

Played at GDC and was so disappointed. You watch it and you think "THIS is going to be fun." You play it and you're like "THIS has SO MUCH potential, but the multiplayer game design is really lackluster."
It will just make you wish for Bomberman or another great party game. A different, less haphazard game design structure and this game could have been a lot of fun. As is, it felt like a missed opportunity.
I hoped the final game might be more interesting, but the review doesn't make me believe it is. :(



cyrus_zuo commented on Nintendo Download: 26th June (North America):

Played Wii Sports Club: Baseball at E3.
LOVED the controls in the FIELD. I so so so wish they'd done more with them - throwing to bases (the same as to home plate) would have been the foundation for an amazing baseball game.
As is, I'm still super excited to buy this and play some more with it, but it's so tantalizingly close to amazing...



cyrus_zuo commented on Guide: The Biggest Wii U and 3DS Retail Games ...:

3DS is VERY short on First Party games this year...I don't know if I'll buy another retail game on the 3DS before Christmas! (that's a shock to me)
WiiU is getting a lot of focus :).
Wii Sports Club Baseball was one of my two surprises at E3. I really wish they'd taken it further, but the gamepad controls of pitching and fielding were both a revelation! They work very well to provide some uniqueness to the game.



cyrus_zuo commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Summe...:

Glad to see Game & Wario on the list.
I've never regretted buying that title and was surprised that the WiiU shows we've played it more than NSMBU!
Fun multiplayer game and lots of interesting usage of the gamepad. If you van get it cheap you should pick it up!



cyrus_zuo commented on Review: Pushmo World (Wii U eShop):

Only problem w/the original was it was too hard to share levels. I'm really excited for this release, and actually glad the didn't include Crashmo as I personally didn't like it nearly as much.



cyrus_zuo commented on Review: Ittle Dew (Wii U eShop):

Looks better in person.
Played this at GDC w/the Dev watching. I was "killing" monsters in one room and he asked me why I was doing that. It was a great question and feeds into the sensible intelligent approach to game development that the game has.
I was ready to buy it day one, but boy was the timing wrong. I'll pick it up this summer once the newness of mk8 has worn off.



cyrus_zuo commented on Nintendo Download: 29th May (North America):

Ittle Dew where were you in March or April?
My gaming will ALL be MK8 starting tomorrow!
I want you, but no reason to get you today...maybe this summer when there is another slow spot in the WiiU schedule.



cyrus_zuo commented on Hyrule Warriors Screenshots and Gameplay Detai...:

I'm with you. Hopefully Nintendo can get it under control before it hits the US. It's unfortunate that it's 2014 and we're still depicting women in games with the focus being on exciting a 17-year-old adolescent boy. I'm disappointed :(.
If I wanted that kind of juvenile gaming I'd have an Xbox.



cyrus_zuo commented on The Wonderful 101 Saving Wallets on Wii U eShop:

Got W101 months ago and haven't loved it yet. (Remorse)
On the other hand I've really enjoyed Game & Wario. Lots of wackiness = unique flavor of fun I keep going back to. Great pictionary implementation as well. If you play w/family/grandparents, it's a great pick-up.



cyrus_zuo commented on Smartphone Game Market Shows Impressive Growth...:

The 3DS should have RULED last year w/the lineup it had.
It didn't and that is why Nintendo, when they talked about how bad 2013 was talked more about their disappointments w/3DS than w/WiiU (even though WiiU's numbers were terrible).

I love Nintendo, but they're in a hard place. I treasure the games they are making and hope they can keep doing it despite of the struggles of dedicated consoles to be successful.

I worry that their new Quality Of Life approach is very out of touch w/their current market. In the US they are completely unable to sell to adults, and are in fact focusing their advertising on children to sell both the 3DS and WiiU. They've stated they feel they should do well in that demographic.

HOWEVER, the demographic that would be interested in QOL is a TOTALLY different demographic. It's a demographic already well-served and one they have no foothold in. I fear this approach is going to be very difficult.

Still looking forward to each game, and I spend WAY too much on Nintendo games and hardware...I am trying to support them myself to success...but...I recognize the struggles they have fitting between (finding an audience in-between) the phone gamers and shooter fans who buy xboxes.



cyrus_zuo commented on Wii Sports Club: Golf Adds Resort Course as a ...:

Golf club is the only game I've ever played where the video game is actually harder to play than the real thing!
Wii Sports Club is a weird beast. It gets rid rid of all the easy pick up and play of Wii Sports and adds shallow online and sometimes terrible controls (golf). I've been pretty disappointed in it :(.