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Thu 11th Jul 2013

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Cyberhaven commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition Owners ...:

Yo I have macbook pro, and I thought my usb was broken. So then I put it in my Wii U and it lights up, of course it wants to reformat it, so I have to take it out. Now I see this and can't even listen to it because I don't have a windows laptop. Ugh!!!



Cyberhaven commented on Toki Tori Creator Tells of Missed Angry Birds ...:

I remember the first time I had heard of angry birds. It was during a christmas party and a friend of my cousins mother said if I liked video games. I said sure and I was surprised that she played games. Then she pulled out her cell phone and showed me angry birds and talked to me about the mechanics of the game and how much fun it was. I was pretty surprised by how much fun she was having with a simple game, but I remember my first game was a very simple one and I had a blast. It was called donkey kong on the n64, simple mechanics but challenging game and I think many people who have never played games before are drawn to it with the use of cell phones. Even my sister plays simple cell phone games and she never played smack before that. COD was popular with the fourth game and word of mouth spread like wildfire. Once people are into a franchise they always tend to stick with it as it becomes a part of their lives. I can never bash a game for being popular because it brings happiness to other people and I always remember that mother that was introduced to gaming with angry birds.