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Wed 23rd Jul 2008

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Cthuloops commented on Assassin's Creed III is Coming to Wii U:

I've played the all of them on the PC and they have all been great so far. This definitely gets me pumped and if they have something more to draw me into buying it on the Wii U I will most definitely buy it on here rather than the PC just as a point of support for Nintendo 3rd parties if anything.



Cthuloops commented on Fire Emblem: Kakusei Cover Art Released:

I like the box are but I agree with #5 that it does look like a sticker that's slapped on. But yes, if this doesn't get released in NA and EU I'm going to be one very angry person...



Cthuloops commented on Review: The Last Story (Wii):

I'll see how this turns out in the States before I buy it, because I feel like I want to get Xenoblade more than this. If I have the money though, I will get both because I have been really craving to play some awesome RPGs lately.



Cthuloops commented on Kawata Hints at Fan-Favourite Unlockables in T...:

Shouldn't the first line read: "Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D might not be the full Resident Evil experience that Resident Evil Revelations will be..."?

But anyway, can't wait to play this game myself and see how it turns out, because Mercs on RE4 was pretty awesome imo



Cthuloops commented on Cave Story Coming March 22nd:

Least we finally have a confirmed date instead of being constantly complaining and being disappointed by a no-show.

You find the best and most appropriate gifs ever dude. Rock on.



Cthuloops commented on Voice of Mario Wanted To Voice Link:

I don't really see what the big idea is with having voice acting in every single game. Keep Link silent. I really don't mind reading the text in Adventure games and RPGs...



Cthuloops commented on Make Miyamoto Smile: Show StarFox Love:

Starfox 64 was one of the best games I've ever played. Starfox Assault wasn't that bad either. Adventures is another story, but I definitely think a sequel is necessary!! While I'm at it, why the hell isn't there a F-Zero sequel in the mix either!!?!? D:



Cthuloops commented on Nintendo Download: Mr. Driller W, Texas Hold'e...:

I think we got SSB or Pilotwings Monday..
Pretty sure we didn't. Unless you meant to say "will get".

Pretty blah update if you ask me. I shouldn't care though since I don't even live in Europe, but whatever. You can tell I'm tired since my Grammar Nazi attitude is kicking in.