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Male, 17, United States

Hello everybody! I've been with Nintendo for 6 years now, not a very long time, but it's something! Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda are the best Nintendo franchisesof all time! Currently Playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Wed 24th Jul 2013

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CthulhuBlooper commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2:

New is Overstatement, this series started to get dull after NSMBW and New Super Mario Bros. U kinda revived it and lived up the NEW in the logo with is Super Mario World type over world and its installment of Baby Yoshi's who haven't been seen since Super Mario World. This game wasn't really satisfying like the DS version and Wii and maybe Wii U version the Coin theme was surly New and fun but starts to get a little tedious after a while.I'am not hating on Super Mario I love my Mustache Italian brother! he's part of my Family, Literally! Hopefully when they make another NEW Super Mario its actually new, and crisp like a fresh Fire Flower!



CthulhuBlooper commented on Mario Kart 8:

Mario Kart 8 has a new feature: Anti-gravity. pretty cool huh? but what really shocked me is that Mario Kart 8 not only has Internet/Wifi/Worldwide racing like it did in Mario Kart DS where it made its debut. Mr.Iwata said it will have LOCAL play. Local? how will this work? The handheld Mario Karts had local but, a home console with a local feature?



CthulhuBlooper commented on Super Mario 3D World:

Please bare with me when I say this, but whats the story in this game? for 30 years Mario and Luigi have been saving the same damsel in distress! Now that the blonde haired Nintendo eye candy is playable who is taking her place in the pink ribbon cage Bowser usually has her in?