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Sun 18th May 2014

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Crusader8389 commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. (Virtual Console / N...:

@James I disagree. Brawl almost entirely got rid of the comboing system, which gives the original game tons of interesting twists. Unique and useful combos are STILL being discovered to this day by the super smash bros 64 community. After playing both brawl and the original n64 game multiplayer for many hours, I have come to the conclusion that the n64 version is a much deeper experience, even without the air dodging and side-bs; this seems to be almost entirely due to it's lack of comboing, which removes any amount of skill in following up an attack. The level of skill and strategy displayed by players like Isai and Superboomfan is aweinspiring to watch, and will give you a window into just how far this game can (and continues to) go!