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Sun 17th May 2009

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Croz commented on Nintendo Europe Shipping Ambassador Edition Ne...:

I didn't receive the email and I've been a club member since 2004. I have a ridiculous amount of stars registered, I'm an Ambassador and promotional emails are turned on. Boo! I guess Nintendo doesn't want my money.



Croz commented on Rumour: GameCube Coming to Wii U Virtual Console:

I won't be downloading any NGC games as I doubt we'll see Rogue Squadron, Timesplitters 2 or Crystal Chronicles. Resident Evil 4, Metroid & Pikmin have been re-mastered for the Wii and Mario Sunshine Sucks.
In addition the Wii is the only electronic device I have that uses a component cable and still have my Wavebird controller(best controller ever designed).



Croz commented on Review: Rayman 3D (3DS):

Does anyone know of the UK release for Steel Diver? and the even BBC listed it as a lauch title but I havn't seen it anywhere.



Croz commented on You're Probably Not Good Enough to Beat Sin an...:

So far i've just completed stage 4 on hard, i'm currently getting owned by that lion/bird monster boss on stage 5, its impossible to dodge it when its doing that spinning move thing when you get it on low heath!!! but i've gotta say after just completing those 4 stages on hard i can now clear the game so easy on normal difficulty. So there is hope that one day i will complete it!



Croz commented on These Games Sold Over a Million Copies Last Year:

Isn't it always the console which is easy to mod/pirate games for, the best selling of the generation. I don't know a single person who didn't have their ps1 mod chipped, same goes for ps2 & Xbox and now Wii & DS, I think I’m the only one out of my friends that sill pay for full retail games.



Croz commented on Game Sales in UK Hit Lowest for Four Years:

I havn't bought a wii retail game since NSMBwii mainly because there hasn't been anything that has looked interesting atleast to me, well not until this weekend with Sin & Punishment 2 out in 3 days! and lets not forget theres still No More Heroes 2 & Galaxy 2 within the next month and half.



Croz commented on New Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer:

Looks like they've fixed the world hud, although i hope they include a list of levels, like the pause menu on super mario world for the GBA.



Croz commented on Miyamoto Confirms Pikmin 3:

Would be better for Wii rather than DS, but its got to be all new, can't just be a slight improvement over the previous games.



Croz commented on Review: Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (Virtual C...:

Can't wait to play this on my LCD, tried the PSP version which is a quality game but it was too small and blurry for my liking, so I couldn’t really get into it. Also I hated how you had to play in ugly PSP graphics until you unlocked the original game. Now if we could only get copy of SOTN on Wii to complete all my collection of favourite castlevania games, or even on PSN for that matter.



Croz commented on Review: Super Mario 64 DS (DS):

I never had a problem with playing with the d-pad. but i found playing other characters boring. Still a great game, all the mini games are ace.



Croz commented on Hanabi Festival Five Inbound:

Even though VC's been slow over the past couple of months, we've had some quality games lately, Shadow Dancer, S&K and if Rondo comes this Thursday night at 11pm (thanks Golgo), I’ll be very pleased, and never say a bad word against the VC again.